Ligue 1: Lyon fear but start the season with a win over Ajaccio

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Carried by the creator of the goal and the decisive pass, Ghost’s Alexandre Lacazette, the Rhodanians made a successful start to the championship on Friday night (2-1).

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25 minutes and that’s it. In his Ligue 1 opener against Ajaccio on Friday 5 August, he scored two goals early on and thought Lyon were headed for an easy victory. He revived the Corsicans, eventually reducing them to 10 as well. After that, OL fell asleep and came to the verge of correction, but finally escaped (2-1). The ACA could have fought with their weapons and hoped for a better outcome.

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It is clear that Olympique Lyonnais has not changed in three months. This nasty trend of showing two different faces in the same game was exciting yet terribly casual, and OL didn’t put it off even in the offseason. But the Rhodanians did not reassure many.

But at the end of the first 20 minutes of high-altitude flight, you don’t often expect such a stutter. After his two hot his alerts in the first, Tete embarrassed Benjamin his Leroy with a shot from the left (12th) in the end of a great collective action. Cédric Avinel’s ridiculous mistake gave OL a penalty and was converted by Alexandre Lacazette (20th). Guadeloupe, the first pawn smuggler, successfully returns to his garden.

Dangerous and exiled Lopez

But Anthony Lopez, despite himself, cut this Lyon walk short. Reduced marks (31st). It was enough to return the beast’s hair to Ajaxien his bear, and the counterattack was unrestrained.

Unfortunately, in the twilight of a vibrant first period, Roman Hamouma dragged an elbow on Lucas Paqueta to receive his second yellow (45 + 4). Bastian was unfazed by Thiago Mendes’ similar actions in the region some time earlier.

In a dark second half peppered with flashes from Ajaccio, OL played in an uncomfortable middle. Qualitatively above, but not fully liberated Lyonnais doubled the clumsiness. A few players have emerged, such as the young Johann Repennant. Success saves appearances, but sporadic peril carries into the cage of promotion. The maintenance duties will be tough, but Olivier Pantaloni has a solid base to make some moves.

Source: Francetvinfo

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