Naples vs. Monzón butter: This was the final round of the challenge that inspired Julio Cortázar

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The Mexican boxer and Argentinian boxer took part in the relentless fight for the middleweight championship, inspiring the author to write a story set for the episode.

The Mexican boxer chose to move up in the category and face the Argentine at natural weight, but only managed to stay competitive in seven of the 12 agreed rounds.

Although its origin is Cuba, Jose Angel Naples He came to Mexico and boxing posters National. His recognized skills allowed him to master it almost perfectly. middleweight and wanted to try his luck for the middleweight title against Argentina Carlos Monzon . Although its performance did not allow it to go beyond the sixth division, its great competitiveness inspired. Julio Cortazar to write “Butter Night”, in which he immortalized the unforgettable episode.

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The expectation was clear. Carlos Monzon Y Butter Naples It came together on February 9, 1974 to bring to life one of the most anticipated episodes of the year. The demonstration would be such that it would be necessary to take them out of their sphere of influence, to a place where war could do justice, and to cross the Atlantic Ocean. Monopolizing the spotlight of the city of Paris, France .

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The long-awaited night came and more than 12,000 souls gathered around the ring to see the two most important personalities of the time come face to face. The Argentinian showcased his World Boxing Association titles for the ninth time (WBA ) and the World Boxing Council (WBC ) from Nino Benvenuti on July 11, 1970.

Carlos Monzón made his ninth successful defense of the middleweight belts against Napoli (Photo: Twitter/@JuanLuisDuarte7)
Carlos Monzón made his ninth successful defense of the middleweight belts against Napoli (Photo: Twitter/@JuanLuisDuarte7)
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The Mexican raided 160 pounds with the confidence of repeating the crushing role that crowned him in heavyweight. Although Napoli’s effort was evident in the ring, it wasn’t enough to return the last champion standing from start to finish.

Alain Delon greeted them on stage. Loyal to his nation by adopting, Napoli continued on its way with mariachi music Monzón, on the other hand, recalled his Argentine roots with the tango “Silencio” performed by the iconic Carlos Gardel. After the necessary procedures were completed, the exchange of pulses began.

Butter He tried to dominate with the Mexican style by shortening the distances and releasing the combinations. On the contrary, Monsoon He chose to dance in the ring, counterattacking and inflicting powerful blows to reduce his opponent. The momentum in the early episodes eroded the Mexican, and his tired athletic figure contrasted with the integrity of the defending champion. The opposing player’s good performances did not show up in the final rounds.

Napoli's attempts to take the reins failed (Photo: Twitter/@JuanLuisDuarte7)
Napoli’s attempts to take the reins failed (Photo: Twitter/@JuanLuisDuarte7)

The fight was considered 15 episodes, but first six could be completed with difficulty . In the fifth and sixth seasons, Monzón was responsible for dominating the center and crushing his opponent with powerful, intermittent blows that became more frequent as time went on.

As time is running out, Butter Naples He went to his corner and complained of a wound near his eye. His coach, Angelo Dundee, made every effort to get him in the mood and keep going, but the penalty forced him to report his abandonment to the referee. Realizing the decision, Monzón jumped into the ring and retained the title and settle a fight whose rivalry leads to personal space.

butter night

Julio Cortazar In his distinctive style, he tried to immortalize the ninth successful defense of his compatriot in a story set in a place on the outskirts of Paris. Although the scene in the ring does not capture the main purpose of the text in the work, an outsider (1977), the level of detail provided by the author “Butter Night” The most remembered chronicles about the episode.

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