On a yacht and with dolphins: these are Checo Pérez’s vacations in Puerto Vallarta

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The Red Bull star traveled to Mexico to relax with his family during his Formula 1 summer vacation.

On a yacht and in a house with a sea view: this is how Checo Pérez vacations with his family in Puerto Vallarta

After the first half of a challenging season full of contradictions Check Perez The long-awaited summer vacation has arrived and like all pilots formula 1 The Mexican also went on vacation to recharge and rest before the definition of the championships.

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driver Red Bull He decided to spend his holidays on the land with his entire family, because through social networks the Guadalajara man was observed enjoying in the Pacific of Mexico, especially in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco.

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Accompanied by his mother Maria Luisa father and assistant Antonio Perez Garibay his brothers Paola and Antonio and his wife Carola and their children, most of the Pérez family traveled to the west of the country to spend some family time with different postcards that have already gone viral.

With a yacht, a parachute and a sea view house: Checo Pérez's vacation in Puerto Vallarta (Photos: Instagram/@aperezgaribay/@paola_perez/@carolamtz1)
With a yacht, a parachute and a sea view house: Checo Pérez’s vacation in Puerto Vallarta (Photos: Instagram/@aperezgaribay/@paola_perez/@carolamtz1)
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The first person to take a break and show up by chance Sergio Perez It was his father, who was one of the most active on Instagram, as he uploaded different photos to his profile with his grandchildren in the pool. New products in honor of Sergio’s victory in Monaco .

Additionally, in a separate post, he uploaded an amazing image where he can see someone who looks like a professional paratrooper jump out of a plane next to him.

Likewise, his brother Anthony Perez Accompanied by his family, he uploaded a beautiful photo, a place where the entire Pérez family can be seen in front of the yacht, rarely seen with the two parents, three brothers and now their own children.

They went to a part of the Pacific via this transport. living closer with some dolphins They also tried to feed the seagulls that roamed near the yacht, which they photographed and swam with.

One of the most viral parts on social networks, Check He stood on the edge of the bow, holding what looked like a piece of food and stretching his arm as far as he could to attract some birds nearby.

Checo Pérez's family vacation in Puerto Vallarta (Photo: Instagram/
Checo Pérez’s family vacation in Puerto Vallarta (Photo: Instagram/

When you returned home, it was possible to observe its shape, at least in part of the pool, because besides having a magnificent sea view, It has a campfire surrounded by sun loungers on one side. and on the sand to watch the sunset relaxing.

Sergio Perez’s wife, Carola Martinez she also uploaded her photo with her husband on social networks because through a story where she hugged the Red Bull pilot, posing with the pool, sea, sky and mountains in the background.

Checo Pérez's family vacation in Puerto Vallarta (Photo: Instagram/@carolamtz1)
Checo Pérez’s family vacation in Puerto Vallarta (Photo: Instagram/@carolamtz1)

It should be noted that this season Sergio wears Jalisco sponsorship on his helmet so he published a post in the middle of his vacation to invite his followers to visit the western province.

Like this Czech Perez and his family before the second half of the 2022 season formula 1 A year in which the Guadalajara man finally has the chance to fight for the drivers’ championship alongside Max Verstappen, Ferrari and Mercedes drivers.

Source: Info Bae

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