‘I am a human’: Chicharito defended himself by refusing a child’s signature

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The Galaxy striker took advantage of his social networks to clear up the scandal, using a video of him throwing a Mexican flag on the ground.

El Chicharito reveals controversial video in which he refuses to sign a child (Screenshot: Tiktok/@nayemcoronado)
El Chicharito reveals controversial video in which he refuses to sign a child (Screenshot: Tiktok/@nayemcoronado)

Javier Hernandez Balcázar was one of the characters in the eye of the hurricane in recent weeks. And he was academy player of Chivas of Guadalajara Sports Club. object of criticism after a few videos here signature denied to a child They threw a Mexican flag on the ground and went viral on their social networks. Considering this, he tried clarify the reasons for their actions .

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through it verified instagram accountOn the eve of facing Sporting Kansas City at the MLS, the former national team went live to give details on the controversial materials. In this sense, defended himself from criticism the moment he refuses to sign a baby, taken out of context .

“I’m sorry to him and his family. I’m human, I’m very passionate and those who know me know that. When I saw him jump and he was close to safety, I said no to him because I was seeing more people I wanted to sign in the future. It’s a bit difficult as we lost a game against a direct opponent to qualify for the playoffs. It looked and that was how I felt, but then I tried to take pictures with all the people.

The MLS forward ignored a boy’s request for an autograph and photo with him.
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In this sense, the Galaxy aggressor justified his stance with the emotional devastation caused by possession. loss for the slightest difference FC Dallas . It’s worth noting that the Texas team finished fourth in the MLS Western Conference and is in the classification zone, as the Los Angeles team struggled to be ninth, two steps behind the privileged teams.

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Likewise, before the turmoil that arose on social networks because of his attitude towards minors, he clarified that: he will try to contact his fan’s family to make up for his neglect to invite him to a game with a feast or to give him a signed shirt.

“I’m a human I’m Javier Hernandez and I didn’t do it because I felt more or less. That’s part of it, the feelings are there and I always try not to disrespect anyone. That’s the beauty of life, we learn because we all make mistakes (…) most of the time i tried to help and delivered with people. Very few times I have said no to signature”

Club Deportivo Guadalajara’s Chivas Rayadas youth team was caught sneering back the Mexican flag a fan handed him to sign at the end of the game between Galaxy and Dallas FC.

Why did Chicharito Hernández throw the Mexican flag on the ground?

Another of the gestures causing controversy is, it seems, threw the Mexican flag on the ground after refusing to sign. In this sense, he accepted his decision not to sign because he saw the national flag. attributed his fall to distraction and the fan who sent it to him.

“I didn’t know I was the only one holding the flag. . I usually don’t notice if they hold it or not. When I decided not to sign the flag, I throw it away, I don’t throw it away, to go to something else and I thought the other person stopped it (…) I will always be grateful to my country. , 99% of the people I love live there. An unfortunate fact taken out of context and combined with the child’s video,” he said.

Chicharito, MLS captain

Despite the controversy, Mexican artillery received word that he had been killed. Named captain of the MLS team For an All Star Match against the best players in Liga MX. In this sense, he expressed his joy and hoped to beat the Mexican league for the second time in the match and the first time in the skill competition.

Source: Info Bae

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