Alexander Zverev announced that he has been suffering from diabetes since the age of four and will lay a foundation for the fight against the disease.

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The German tennis player, who injured his ankle against Rafael Nadal at Roland Garros, continues to recover.

Alexander Zverev announced that he has diabetes (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)
Alexander Zverev announced that he has diabetes (REUTERS / Benoit Tessier)

alexander zverev Roger Federer has become one of the best tennis players in the world of the generation that has come to replace historical players like Rafael Nadal or Novak Djokovic. 25 years old and 19 championships in the ATP circuit, German confirms he has had diabetes since he was four years old .

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“When I was little I didn’t think much about it, then more and more. I want to show you that you can go too far with this disease. . “Now, years later and with the successes behind me, I am comfortable and confident enough to make this venture public.”

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At the same time, Zverev announced will lay the foundation for fighting diabetes “To be a model for those who have had to live with this disease and to support children who can avoid getting diabetes with an active life and proper prevention.”

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2 in the world rankings and still seeking her first Grand Slam title – a finalist at the US Open 2020 and reaching the semi-finals at Roland Garros this year, if you have type 1 diabetes that is not yet treatable and those affected have to inject insulin for the rest of their lives . It is important to note that this is a metabolic disease that causes the body to have trouble producing the necessary insulin.

“I am in the privileged position of living the life I have always wanted. My goal was to play tennis, travel to tournaments all over the world, and become one of the best tennis players on the planet. I was able to achieve this thanks to my family and brother who have always supported and continued to support me unconditionally.”

The German player was injured in the Roland Garros semi-final against Nadal and had to withdraw from the match (REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes)
The German player was injured in the Roland Garros semi-final against Nadal and had to withdraw from the match (REUTERS / Gonzalo Fuentes)

Celebrating the first anniversary of the gold medal he won a few days ago, the racket 2020 Tokyo Olympics It announced that it will provide insulin and vital drugs, as well as promotional programs for children and youth, through the work carried out last year due to the postponement due to the pandemic.

Last June 3, Zverev was the hero of a dramatic moment in the semifinals of the French Open. Paris is in brick dust. During the tiebreak in the second set Philippe Chatçi, sasha sprained her ankle and had to leave the field in a wheelchair . His cry of pain shook nearly 15,000 spectators and everyone in the arena, prompting a quick reaction from the doctors who came to help him.

Rafa Nadal, on the other hand, went to the other side of the track in the locker room, very worried about his opponent, who was taken from the game to evaluate his injury. A few minutes later, Zverev returned to the field with his right foot bare and supported on crutches. After winning the first set 7-6, the Spanish tennis player, who went to the final of the tournament after 3 hours and 5 minutes of struggle in his favor, said goodbye to the audience and hugged himself.

After her experiences at Roland Garros, the German underwent surgery for an ankle injury. He suffered from three torn ligaments. , and in full recovery. Return to commission has not yet been determined.

Source: Info Bae

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