Simeone totally got into the Real Madrid corridor debate and put Argentina as a comparison.

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Cholo spoke to the press ahead of the Madrid classic, arguing why Atletico was justified in not welcoming his staunch opponent with honor.

Cholo Simeone speaks to Real Madrid from Atletico’s lane

Real Madrid wins in Spain Four days before the end of the season as well as revealing the semi-final winning streak against Manchester City in the Champions League. Waiting for the decisive duel against Liverpool, meringues He will visit Atlético Madrid in a tough classic match. won’t build that famous arcade in the stadium Wanda Metropolitan. The debate in the Spanish capital was established and Diego Simeon plunged into it.

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“Always in search of this question, trying to create controversy, what he said, what he felt… The fact is, in a statement the club made, the descriptive excellent, first of all congratulations to Real Madrid, to the footballers for their football. body technician because great job took it out, I have great respect for the new champions Madrid, but we have more respect for our people who are with us all day. ” is what Cholo announced at his last press conference.

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He also compared the traditions of Spain and Argentina, where this type of bending is not usually done: “They are ways of life. Spanish society, I don’t know if this is done elsewhere, is different and that’s how it’s done. I don’t use it where I come from but we live differently too, right ”. In the same direction, carlo ancelotti Supporting the opposing team’s determination: “The Italians are not used to this, everyone does what they feel, and we have to respect that. A neighbor club is a friend, we respect everyone. If they do it well, even if they don’t”.

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This tool Nothing less than a chance to qualify for the next edition of the Champions League and progress to the Spanish Super Cup will be played (the first two of the league, as well as the champion and runner-up of the King’s Cup): “The truth is, we are in a decisive situation, four of these 14 games we are considering “We will face the derby in the best way, with great enthusiasm, and try to avoid every word that is said about the situation. The result that worries us.”

And he came to the conclusion: “It will be very difficult until the end, Real, Villarreal, Sevilla, Barcelona, ​​Betis and we are looking for a priority goal for the club, it is in our annual planning, I hope we fulfill it according to the party” . Atletico is fourth, 5 points behind Barcelona and 3 points behind Sevilla, who finished the podium. After acquiring Real, he will visit Elche, play against Sevilla at home and be close to Real Sociedad as a visitor.

Source: Info Bae

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