Champions Cup: Reasons for Toulouse’s failure, lost in semi-final with Leinster

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Stade Toulousain was modified by the Irish State (40-17) after being dropped on the first defensive curtain in the semifinals on Saturday.

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Renster expanded his score without any problems … as Toulouse did last season. The participating champions had already climbed ric-rac in the Champions Cup semi-finals after a fierce match between Ulster and Münster (penalty final). He couldn’t do anything against the Irish car and lost at Aviva Stadium in Dublin on Saturday, May 14th (40-17).

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This bitter defeat is not a surprise to the team, who made their own fairly sluggish copy this season, but was saved by a brilliant blow worthy of pragmatic peculiar to the very great. However, this time the steps were too high for at least three main reasons.

The first defensive curtain to die

Indeed, Rouge et Noir has been struggling to find this oiled game, which was their best time, by chaining play times for months. However, physical influences rarely push them away in this way.

After Toulouse's well-matched mall, Leinster did a tremendous amount of work upwind to break the visitor's defenses, and it found the shortcomings of his ninth European test this season, James Lowe. It was low. Sexton converts and is 13-7 for Irish against Stade Toulousain.

Toulouse, stabbed in defense from the first few minutes of the meeting, missed nearly 32 tackles (against 19 tackles on the Leinster side). The player was guilty of reading the launch of his opponent’s play. This allowed the Irish to register four tries.

Irish occupation of land

Toulouse was also tactically dominated. Attention to detail in the occupation of the field is especially valuable in these encounters with the intensity of international matches. Being stuck in the camp makes you more vulnerable to faults that can be punished for ball recovery, which is synonymous with penalties and tries. It is no exaggeration to say that the Irish swallowed the meter on foot and by hand. International Standoff Jonathan Sexton (Nominated as Best Player) I was a performance leader in Ireland.

In a spectacular interval shot from Johnny Sexton, Leinster found himself almost 1 to 4, and it was 7th place Funder Flyer who won the second Irish attempt. The exemplary scorer, Sexton, turns almost easily, giving the Irish a 13-point lead, 20-7!

In total, Leinster earned 968 meters against Stade Toulousain’s 615. Despite his DuPont-Ntamack-Ramos trio, exercise is usually very comfortable, but Ugo Mola’s men have postponed most of their time in the camp, thanks to scraping (Lenster at the end of the match). 70% occupancy in favor of) Aggressive tackle before cracking. At the time of play, Toulouse had only come to the other side of 22 meters three times.

The result of physical disability

Leinster unfolds rugby and its performance is impressive, but it should be noted that this Toulouse stadium did not have all the weapons to counter such impacts. Dross of attack, difficulty of occupying the field, loss of ball, failure of tackle: all are part of the symptoms of a heavily damaged team. For example, during play time, I rarely see Romain Ntamack with his hands on his knees and the hood open.

Antoine Dupont did not forget to mention this fatigue at the end of the meeting. The best players in the world returned to this crazy match in the quarterfinals and won an extra time against Münster. This ending left its mark. In addition to the complex table that Toulouse had to chain three trips to three Irish cadors (Ulster, Münster and Leinster) … in short, completely confident. There would have been something persistent even in Toulouse.

In addition, Oats Garonne, who was forced to do his best in the hope of reaching the final stage of the Top 14, has been breathing executives for the past few weeks, unlike championship leader Rheinster. I didn’t have time to do it. Toulousains will be able to fully tackle the defense of 6th place in qualifying. It is not yet known if they still have enough energy.

Source: Francetvinfo

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