FA Cup: Liverpool beat Chelsea with a penalty but lost Sarah and Van Dijk

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Jurgen Klopp’s team can still quadruple after raising the trophy on Saturday after the indecisive final against Bruce.

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Reds, over and over again. Liverpool won the FA Cup Final on Saturday, May 14th, beating Chelsea with a penalty (0-0, 6-5 with a penalty).Defender Costas Tsimikas won with a goal. Jurgen Klopp’s team thus achieves the second part of the historic quadruple possible.

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Liverpool, the League Cup winner, who has already opposed Bruce and has already been penalized, has the potential to win the England Championship despite scoring points two days behind Manchester City. Still few. In particular, the Reds will play the Champions League final against Real Madrid on May 28th in the Stade de France.

Despite the joy brought by the victory, Jurgen Klopp knows that everything is not rosy. Liverpool thus lost two key players, striker Mohamed Salah and defender Virgil van Dijk. In the first half, an Egyptian who was dissatisfied with adduction and thighs went out after being treated for a while on the grass when he had just started playing for 33 minutes.Joël Matip returned to the pitch in place of Dutchman van Dijk when the Reds entered overtime with Londoners.

Source: Francetvinfo

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