The amazing dual connection of Messi and Mbappé in the victory of PSG: the amazing game they created for the second goal

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The French assisted the Argentine’s two goals against Montpellier, and Kylian scored a fourth penalty.

* Messi’s first goal with the help of Mbappé

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Regardless of the climate of disagreement prevailing among the tribune. paris st germain and the team mainly due to their quick elimination in the Champions League, the Ligue 1 champions team once again showed the full potential of their squad with a 4-0 win against Montpellier. Stade de la Mosson For the penultimate day of the French competition. Leo Messi , Kylian Mbappe Y Angel Di Maria They were the key players in this meeting.

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they spent so much alone Five minutes so the connection between the French and the Argentines begins to bear fruit. When did the oily understanding arise? Kylian is almost controlled in a small area , looked up and saw Leo walk in a few meters ahead. Dessert put strawberry Angel Di Maria threatened to intervene, but He spread his legs to allow the captain of the Argentina team to attack the goal .

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for 19 minutes of the first half those in Stade de la Mosson a real gem: Mbappe slapped with three fingers from the left lane you left Messi alone in front of the goalkeeper Dimitry Bertaud. This flea He convinced the goalkeeper in the first place that he would identify it with his left foot, but he went in and pushed the ball in front of an empty goal.

* Messi’s second goal after a pass from Mbappe

In the wrap up, Kylian added his last name to the scoreboard after the third outcry, signed by Di María at the end of the first stage. The French star turned his penalty into a goal in the 10th minute of the second half.

* Penalty to Mbappé and PSG’s fourth goal

With PSG still one day away from the end of Ligue 1, Mbappé has two outstanding stats from the tournament: Top goal scorer with 25 screams celebrated and More assists distributed in the championship with 17 goal passes in 34 presentations.

Messi will also have an important place in these items, considering that he is the second player with the most assists in Ligue 1. 13 assists so far a figure to exceed Benjamin Bourigeaud of Rennes (12) . The detail is that the 34-year-old Argentine football player scored four goals He has been in the tournament so far, becoming the first couple to sign for Ligue 1.

PSG still has a function when it hosts Metz next weekend. Princes Park to end Ligue 1, which it won for the tenth time in its history. Later on, Messi, Di Maria and also Leandro Paredes -Recovering from injury- He will join the Argentina squad to play “finalissima” against Italy in London.


Source: Info Bae

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