América vs Puebla: Controversial penalty kicking Águilas into the semi-finals

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In a match where some commentators questioned the arbitration decisions, the team led by Fernando Ortiz received the entrance ticket to the championship game.

The referee pointed to a replay of Diego Valdés’ penalty missed by goalkeeper Anthony Silva’s pre-offensive lead (Video: Twitter/@TUDNMEX)

For Águilas del América, the least anticipated scenario has come true at the start of the Grita México Clausura 2022. After taking the reins of the institution while outside the classification area, Fernando Ortiz takes the win Azteca Stadium on the field and got a pass semifinal . The final score was positive by three to one from Coapa, but the second goal was the product of a controversial arbitration award.

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When the score is tied with one goal each, center judge handed a maximum sentence in favor of the Eagles in America minute 54. The person responsible for the collection, Diego Valdes Despite the encouragement of the stands, he delivered the ball to Anthony Silva. The Uruguayan predicted the trajectory and dressed like a hero. But as the defender celebrates the corner kick and prepares to defend, The referee signaled the repetition of the move.

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The team in charge of VAR, the goalkeeper of La Franja found himself ahead and not stepping on the goal line Before the Chilean striker takes his shot. However, in the replay of Silva’s movement, it was seen that his heel managed to touch part of the lime line. The people of Puebla in Azteca Stadium were disgusted.

The Yucatecan forward opened the score with a header at Azteca Stadium that allowed him to break the long goalscoring drought that has plagued him since 2021 (Video: Twitter/@TUDNMEX)
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Diego Valdes As he came back to place the ball in the penalty area, the defenders criticized the decision. On the second try, Number 10 did not miss his execution and he placed his shot firmly in the upper left corner of the bow. Despite all the efforts, the goalkeeper could not prevent Azulcremas’s second goal.

There was no less joy in the stands, much less remembering the local team’s complex transition throughout the term. However, it was possible to see Anthony Silva doing the same move with his foot in the repetition they made in the television broadcast, but this time no sanction was imposed by the refereeing committee.

including a counter target A strong emotional blow to Nicolás Larcamón’s students , they could no longer recover. And that fell at a time when the poblanos could take advantage. Although they were in decline in the first half, it didn’t take long for them to draw 1-1.

Encouraged by the scoreboard and the public, the Eagles finished the game thanks to a counterattack crowned by striker Alejandro Zendejas (Video: Twitter/@TUDNMEX)

Combat encounter in Azteca

Henry Martin Coloso de Santa Úrsula became the first player to score a goal in the 42nd minute. Alvaro Fidalgo He managed to approach the wide area of ​​Puebla and sent a cross to the far post. in that place Bomb soared into the air and stepped inside to pass Silva’s move. The character who made up for the loss of Federico Viñas with the goal broke a long goal drought.

La Franja’s reaction was impressive. The pressure in the Americas region was so great that Pedro Aquino had to shoot from the goal line. However, the preferred position Kings of Israel He paired a flashy bike kick with the actions before the hiatus.

After the controversial game in the second half, the Eagles took advantage of the emotional moment to finish the game. William Ochoa launched a counterattack with a pass Not here . The Peruvian player sent a filtered serve to his position. Diego Valdes giving up despite having a chance to score Alexander Zendejas to score the third goal.

in the last moments, Fernando Aristeguieta transformed from eleven steps and brought his team even closer, but even raising the overall score from four to three wasn’t enough. With the victory, América became the first team to qualify for the Grita México Clausura 2022 semi-finals.

Source: Info Bae

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