Athletics: Benjamin Robert, Sirena Samba Maiera, Just Kwau Massy … The younger generation of France responded to Charleti

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Paris hosted the Diamond League stage on Saturday, inviting 33 French athletes. Between the podiums and minimums of the World and European Championships, Bruce made a beautiful face.

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Charlesti’s blue truck brought good luck to the hub. On Saturday, June 18th, under the auspices of the French Athletics Federation, 33 blues were invited to step on the tartan on the Paris stage of the Diamond League, the highest level athletics competition. One week before the end of the Eugene World qualifying period in the United States (July 15-24), the Hubs performance was held despite the heat wave.

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On the track, the most beautiful race of the night may have ended sadly for the winner. At the end of the crazy last straight line, Frenchman Benjamin Robert was blocked by a rope, so he headed the line 800 meters without pushing his competitors with his arms to clear his path. turned it off. A gesture that disqualified him before the jury revisited the decision.

Benjamin Robert, 800m winner in Paris, June 18, 2022.  (JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP)

Benjamin Robert, 800m winner in Paris, June 18, 2022.  (JULIEN DE ROSA / AFP)

Benjamin Robert, the new personal best at Key (1’43 “23), signed one of the most beautiful victories of his career in a fairly muscular way. “I take no responsibility for you, huh … but you shouldn’t do that in the league”, Habs Gabriel Tual made fun of him using his desires Verify the time required for the World Championships. He achieved his best record with a time of 1’44.23. Pierre Ambroise Bosse, who had a minimalist pocket in Eugene and became the 800-meter world champion in London in 2017, also created a sensation by completing two laps in one. ’44 “54 When no one expected him at this level.

Young French hurdle of power

Despite Wilhem Belocian’s withdrawal after a warning during the race in Oslo on Thursday, the French team went beyond the hurdles and increased in number at Charlesti. Pascal Martino Lagarde returned to competition after a calf injury and was a bit tight, so it was a young Frenchman who took over. Sasha Zhoya, who was the first to align in the Diamond League, achieved the best result by signing a time of 13.40 in the 110 meters hurdles. This is better than the time required for the European Championship in Munich. After feeling the pain, I didn’t play in the final. Another 22-year-old French kneeled and shined a blue jersey. Breaking his record (13 “27), Just Kwaou-Mathey is in prestigious third place in Paris, one-hundredth ahead of American winner Devon Allen.

Among the women, France’s Sirena Samba Maiera, the 60-meter hurdles world indoor champion, crossed the finish line in the 100-meter hurdles in 4th place at 12.76. He gives him a ticket to the United States. ..

In the flat sprint, France’s excellent performance came from Muhammadufal, who set a 200-meter record at 20.26 after achieving 10.32 at the start of the 100-meter conference. ..The French finished third in a race won by an amazing South African Luxolo Adams had never played in the match with Canada’s Andre De Grasse, who reigns distantly as Olympic champion (4th at 20 “38).

Ukrainian hat-trick at height

The Paris conference has spawned three new world performances this year. First, at the 100m programmed at the end of the competition, Jamaica’s Shelly-Ann Fraser Price shattered the competition, reducing the season’s best time (10 “67) by a factor of 100. Jump, in Tokyo last summer. The tanned Ukrainian Jamaican Yaroslava Makhchik improved her own world-class performance this season by clearing 2.01 meters in her second attempt. Two of his compatriots, Irina Gerashchenko (1.98). M) and Yulia Lefchenko (1.95 m).

On his side, an athlete in Bahrain Winfredo Mutireyabi achieved the highest world performance of the season and the fourth in history in the 3000m Obstacle Course (8’58 “71). Race (9’37” 46). “I wanted to try something that would give me a strong start in the race. It was a great tournament rehearsal. I failed today, but I know what I can do. The world”, Obstacle course racing said he was qualified to compete in the world after achieving 9’21 “41 in Spain at the end of May.

Gressier, Fitman

In other cross-country races, the men’s 5,000m Frenchman Jimmy Gressier did a very good race, improving his record by a few tenths (13’08 “75) and verifying the time needed for the world. Confirm his good shape. At the moment, a few weeks after reaching the world’s smallest at 10,000m in Pase. Meanwhile, in a damp and stuffy atmosphere, Yugo Ai again has a time barrier (13′. I faced 30 “73).

France’s disappointment was credited to the disc, hammer and triple jump competitions where Tricolor (Alec Sandra Tavernier, Melina Robert Michon, Benjamin Compaoré, Melvin Raffin) remained very far from their level. increase. On the other hand, in the pole vault, Renaud Lavillenie returned to the Diamond League podium in a less demanding tournament, finishing second at 5.80m behind Belgium’s Ben Broeders (which also passed 5.80m). , But in the first attempt) and before another tricolor (Tibokore, 5 m 75).

Source: Francetvinfo

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