“Zurdo” Ramírez reveals the real reason why he wants to fight against Canelo Álvarez

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The Mexican light heavyweight boxer was honest about the controversial and controversial reason that motivated him to fight the 168-pound combined champion.

Gilberto "Zurdo" Ramírez made sure that economic gain motivated him to fight Canelo Álvarez (Photo: Instagram@zurdoramirez/@canelo)
Gilberto “Zurdo” Ramírez made sure that economic gain motivated him to fight Canelo Álvarez (Photo: [email protected]/@canelo)

Gilbert left-handed Ramirez He is one of the boxers who intervened on the Mexican stage after his defeat. Saul Alvarez against Dmitry Bivol . Sinaloa, a native of Mazatlán, is among the characters on the list of competitors. Cinnamon they structured. Although Mazatlan is intent on pursuing a world title in the light heavyweight division, He did not rule out a fight with a man from Guadalajara for a private reason.

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During an interview with Portal left foot, left-handed talked about the two most competitive Mexican boxers today, so, Cinnamon Alvarez and David Benavidez . In that sense, if the undisputed 168-pound champion ever decides to come back or the Mexican-American breaks into 175, I would be willing to confront them for different reasons.

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“If it’s for money (I prefer) Cinnamon Alvarez sure, but for the belts with victory and Benavidez. In terms of money, I think both will be very good, and rival and location are not important. The joke is to fight the best and leave a legacy,” said the invincible boxer.

Zurdo Ramírez wants world title at 175 pounds (Photo: Instagram/@zurdoramirez)
Zurdo Ramírez wants world title at 175 pounds (Photo: Instagram/@zurdoramirez)
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Although at the moment Does not hold any official world titles, Benavidez He began to position himself as the revelation of boxing in Mexico and the United States. 25 years old, has a track record 26 undefeated fights and 23 knockouts, Well, only three fights supported him for the decision. With this background and physical attributes, he could try his luck against Ramírez in the light heavyweight division.

Saúl Álvarez’s orbit, on the other hand, has more reflectors. Although his sports career was extremely remarkable, thanks to his record of 57 wins, two losses, two draws and 39 knockouts, in addition to the championships he won in four different categories, Its presence in ensogados is also highly profitable.

To be the hero of the main arenas in the United States, Saúl Álvarez is one of the best affordable boxers. . However, although not to the same extent, millionaire awards were also given to their competitors in exchange for getting in the ring and leading the fight.

Caleb Plant was Canelo's highest paid competitor last year (Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)
Caleb Plant was Canelo’s highest paid competitor last year (Photo: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports)

In his latest match, in addition to defending his championship, Dmitry Bivol made a profit of 2 million USD that is, only a percentage of what the Mexican puts in his pocket. Álvarez’s favorite rivals were the super middleweights. Caleb Plant pockets $10 million , approximately 203 million 390 thousand MXN. Duration, Billy Joe Saunders managed to earn 8 million USD.

if he left-handed If Ramírez has a successful career at 175 pounds and can wear at least one belt, the level of interest from organizers and sponsors will increase significantly. In this sense, by positioning itself to the tastes of the Mexican and American people, grow your millionaire profit As well as a hypothetical fight with the man from Guadalajara claim a higher percentage more than the rest of the competitors.

Meanwhile, Mazatlecan Negotiate and confirm a possible fight against Dmitry Bivol The World Boxing Association (WBA) named Dominic Boesel his official opponent after he defeated Dominic Boesel in the fourth round by knockout.

Duration, Cinnamon Alvarez will face Gennady Golovkin. for the undisputed 168-pound title, in the third game of their rivalry on September 17, 2022. Due to the relevance of the fight, he will seek victory to reverse his defeat with the Russian boxer and possibly challenge the WBA. light heavyweight champion again.

Source: Info Bae

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