Montpellier-UBB: Montpellier residents enjoy qualifying for the finals to verify their return to the top

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Montpellier, who fell to Bordeaux on Saturday night, will play his third Top 14 final in Paris on Friday, June 24th.

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It’s not the final victory yet, but the results are already satisfactory for Montpellier. The winner of the second Top 14 semifinal in Nice, who played against Bordeaux (19-10) on Saturday, June 18, hides the joy of finding the height of rugby French after some difficult seasons after the meeting. did not.

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“It’s the first final for many of us, it’s pretty huge.”Reacted to Anthony Bouthier in the mixed zone. One of the great scorers in the evening was above all surprised by his team’s ability to keep moving forward. “By the way, I put off my expectations (laughs). It’s true that we kept focusing on ourselves. It’s true that we didn’t talk much about us. That empowered us. We have been in the last two weeks since the start of the season. “

“Extra soul”

For the people of Montpellier, who have had a crisis and a series of victories, the season is full of twists and turns, giving them a way to reach the end or near the end. The state of mind welcomed by Benoa Payog: “I had an extra soul this season. I never gave up. I always gave everything.” The group learned delicate 2020-2021 exercise (10th) lessons to get on the right track this season. “I learned lessons from last season. It’s difficult. ” “We didn’t betray each other when it was difficult, we didn’t shoot each other with our feet, we always tried to find a solution.”

The essential state of mind to return to the highest level was reapplied during the victorious semifinals and was also welcomed by the staff. “It was a close and difficult match, and we were loyal to ourselves, as we have been since the start of the season.”Olivia Zam, one of the group’s coaches, commented. “On the pitch, I saw someone who wanted to fight for a shirt, for a club, for a city.”Added manager Philip Saint Andre.

And players don’t want to stop there. “We go there to win, not to play well and lose in the finals.”Guaranteed Anthony Bootier, who is already looking at the Stade de France. The success that the club as a whole expects is a decisive support for the resurrection of MHR, and MHR will win the first title of the greatest in its history.

Source: Francetvinfo

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