“Mission impossible”: spectacular spot where two Argentines play on the rowing track

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Federico Chiostri and Gonzalo Alfonso achieved a magnificent victory in the tournament held in Hungary.

The aim of Argentina’s Federico Chiostri and Gonzalo Alfonso

Argentines are great animators of different world padel circuits. Highlights with their amazing action this weekend, Federico Chiostri Y Gonzalo Alfonso At the APT Hungarian Open in Budapest.

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“Recovering this spot seemed like an impossible task” , more than once surprised the maneuver that he shared from the official account of the circuit. Alfonso started off with his serve against the other Argentine duo in APT. Leonel Aguirre Y Adrian Allemandi .

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After returning from their opponents, a high ball found Chiostri and Alfonso going for the shot. Although Gonzalo was able to hit the ball, his teammate fell and had his back to the game. Alfonso stood up to remove Allemandi’s return. Aguirre tried to change the course of the game, but Chistori quickly got up, ran and dashed to get back.

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A fresh ball against the wall forcing Alfonso to come up with enough left Allemandi off with a clean shot, but Chiostri came back on stage and sprinted from side to side, knocking him off the field.

At that time, Chiostri-Alfonso’s first set was 6-1, while their opponents were leading 6-5 in the second set, which had just started their 12th game. “But what did we see?” After the viral game was shared, the official account of the tournament was asked.

It wasn’t just a point, as these two also took the win with a 7-6 set and advanced to the semi-finals. However, they were not so lucky against the Argentines in this decisive example. Maximilian Sanchez Y John Ignatius De Pascual : They couldn’t finish the match due to Chiostri’s injury He hit the fence hard as he tried to leave the field to follow a ball.

“I hope you get well soon. He is currently undergoing medical tests to assess the extent of the injury to his left arm. ”, the official account reported.

It should be noted that this Argentine couple is third in the APT ranking after the Argentines. Franco Dal Bianco-Maximilian Arce and the binary Argentine Pablo Barrera and Italian Andrés Britos .

Source: Info Bae

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