“I’m leaving the national team”: Neymar’s confession that shocked Brazilian figure

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The PSG player has no intention of continuing to defend his country’s colors for many years to come and would have already chosen his heir.

Neymar may be playing his last game with the Brazilian team (Reuters)
Neymar may be playing his last game with the Brazilian team (Reuters)

to surprise Brazil five months before the start Qatar World Cup The competition in which the South American team came as one of the best candidates to win the trophy. Statements made at this time Rodrygo Goes player real Madrid revealing a particular dialogue he had recently had Neymar Figure of the team that Tite is using.

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According to the young 21-year-old striker, Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) He soon decided to leave his country’s team. Although he will object World Cup Set to be held from November 21, the scorer is not considering continuing to wear the verdeamarella longer and has even already chosen who his successor will be.

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Participation in the podcast PodPah, Rodrygo About his conversation with Ney, he said: Neymar said to me, ‘I’m leaving the national team and you’re number 10’. . I didn’t even know what to say to him. I was embarrassed, laughed and didn’t even know what to say. I told him he had to play a little more, that I didn’t want to play now or something. And then she laughed.”

Rodrygo, Neymar's chosen heir (Reuters)
Rodrygo, Neymar’s chosen heir (Reuters)
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This statement confirms the versions that have been circulating on Brazil’s main portals for months and predict what will come next. train , Neymar Say goodbye to the chosen one. A few months ago, the 30-year-old football player even attended a Twitch broadcast with Ronaldo Nazario and was disappointed about some issues with his country’s team:The problem is that today the Brazilian team has moved far away from the Brazilian fans. I don’t know why, when it started or why. but you can see it in our rarely commented games. “Very few people know when we’re going to play,” he said.

It’s very sad to have the feeling that it doesn’t matter when the Brazilian team plays. When I was a fan, when I was a kid, the national team match was a real event. You had to get ready, you met your whole family, you wore a Brazilian shirt, the Brazilian flags were hung in the window. Food, cake, everyone was at home. It was an event. And today it doesn’t matter anymore. I do not know why. I don’t know how we got to this situation ”, explained the former Barcelona.

Neymar He won a gold medal at Rio 2016 and a title with his country’s team at the 2020 Confederations Cup, in addition to the South American Sub 20 held in Peru in 2011. Her biggest wish is to be successful in Qatar and get rid of her thorns. In 2014, Colombia’s Camilo Zúñiga played with an injury in one of his toes, where his brutal series knocked him out of the quarterfinals and prevented him from performing at his best from 2018. He was also absent due to injury in the conquest of the 2019 Copa América played in his country.

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