Checo Pérez will start the Canadian GP in 13th place after a tough crash in the second quarter.

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The Guadalajara driver took a serious hit that prevented him from continuing to qualify for the pole position for Red Bull Racing.

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After being ravaged by rain during pre-conflict testing Canadian Grand Prix , Sergio Perez He failed to correct his course in the second qualifying round. A harsh effect against the retaining wall disabled his car trying to qualify for the third round, so it has been removed . In this sense, Mexican start at number 13 From the starting grid in the ninth race of the 2022 season.

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Weather conditions did not give any relief to the intention of the 20 pilots who set out. Circuit Gilles Villeneuve to win the pole position. Check Perez He was one of the characters who suffered the most as a failed maneuver in his one-man seat played against him. curve number three To watch.

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when he’s inside eighth place of the group, Check he outlined and slowed the car down to make the narrow turn. However, before we can get into the curve, tires locked and they did not stray in the right direction. Mexican pilot who noticed the maneuver wanted to brake to avoid collision but the wet pavement was enough to get him off the track.

Checo Pérez had to walk with his team (Photo: Twitter/@F1)
Checo Pérez had to walk with his team (Photo: Twitter/@F1)

The only object that could stop its orbit was the retaining wall covered with Tec Pro barriers. RB18 showed no obvious damage on the body, the solidity of the blow was a bad omen, because in the later moments Check he couldn’t get the car out of the mess using reverse gear. Authorities showed you a red flagHe was eliminated before the Mexican reached the third round.

Minutes later, his crew instructed him to get out of the situation and reach the pit by their own means, but the only option follow the marshal aid . Finally Check Perez resigned. get out of your car and walk until you meet your team members.

The Mexican’s absence meant less of a chance for Red Bull to try and claim pole position. Max Verstappen achieved his goal of replacing honor. On the other hand, while Pérez was eliminated, officials confirmed the same status for Valtteri Bottas, Alexander Albon, Lando Norris and Charles Leclerc.

Pérez will have to contend with adverse weather conditions during the Canadian GP (Photo: Chris Helgren/REUTERS)
Pérez will have to contend with adverse weather conditions during the Canadian GP (Photo: Chris Helgren/REUTERS)

Starting roster at Canadian GP

According to the final results of the classification, the Dutch Red Bull driver will start in the first place. will be behind him Fernando Alonso from Alp. Third place, carlos sainz Manufacturers will try to fight for the top spot in World Championship points to be close to Ferrari. Fourth position appointed Lewis Hamilton By the way, Mercedes Kevin Magnussen Y Mike Schumacher de Haas was fifth and sixth.

charles leclerc Competing at the same time for the World Drivers’ Championship and eliminated in the 2nd quarter, Worst photo of 20 participants. After the Ferrari team made the third change to the engine’s electronic component and exceeded the limit of two, Penalized with 10 positions. In this sense, after taking the 15th place start at the bottom of the group.

Although in principle, Pérez’s podium fighting situation is complicated , the engine of your car and the experience that characterizes it can push you to achieve your goal. so far in Sub-leader of the Drivers’ World Championship so that a positive surprise you first place.

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