Pablo Montero made another mistake while singing the National Anthem in Atlas vs Chivas

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The Mexican singer made a different mistake than the one that occurred at the TSM Corona Stadium between Club Santos Laguna and Cruz Azul in the final of the Guard1anes 2021 tournament.

The Mexican singer made another mistake in the lyrics of the National Anthem during his performance in the friendly match between Atlas and Chivas, after a similar mistake between Santos and Cruz Azul in the Guard1anes 2021 final.

In the midst of the controversy over his absence in the recording of the final scene of Vicente Fernández’s biography, the last king, Paul Montero appeared at Seatgeek Stadium to become Participating in protocol before the friendly match between Chivas and Atlas. Although his presence draws attention with his dressing and being responsible for singing, Mexican national anthem , He made a mistake in the letter again.

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Before a packed hall in the stands of the gym, Montero went to sing the words of the national symbol with a cappella. Everything went smoothly and it looked like it would perform a clean run, however he hesitated when he reached the choir, he suddenly tried to remember the words but finally say the wrong verse. Fans denounced the mistake between whistling and shouting.

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“And let it vibrate in the center of the earth with the shrill roar of the ball. And let it tremble in the center of the earth, ready-made steel and bridon.” were the words he said. On the contrary, the last lines of the rightly performed chorus should be pronounced: “Let him tremble in the middle of the earth, to the loud roar of the ball” .

Pablo Montero denied being drunk during his show (Photo: instagram)
Pablo Montero denied being drunk during his show (Photo: instagram)
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After the slip, the singer continued to comment and He was not wrong again in his execution. The second time he sang the chorus he did it right and ended his participation with an enthusiastic shout. Long live Mexico! Contrary to the public’s reaction to the mistake made, on that occasion Those present at the venue’s stands in Chicago celebrated the gesture.

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