Rodrigo De Paul shared romantic photo with Tini Stoessel: “You broke him”

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The football player of the Argentine team uploaded an image with the singer on his social networks.

Photo shared by Rodrigo De Paul with Tini
Photo shared by Rodrigo De Paul with Tini

flirting between Rodrigo DePaul Y Tini Stoessel It is one of the romance novels that has made the biggest impact in recent times. The high profile each of them has in their respective professions has placed them on the front page in various world media. Although they have already been shown together on different occasions several times, in the last hours the football player decided to upload an image of both of them on his social networks.

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The Argentine team’s midfielder was spotted with the singer on his official social media profile days ago, but only shared his hand at the time. Now she decided to take a romantic selfie where she kissed him and congratulated him: “You broke him” .

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this he was talking about the three recitals that the artist gave at the exhibition in recent days. Maipu Sand from Mendoza . “Tini Tour 2022” has multiple dates in the country, but will also be held in Latin America and Europe. After his commitments in the National Team, the Atlético de Madrid athlete evaluated his days off and accompanied the shows. A priori, the pre-season should be added to the season. bed next July 10.

Tini sings to DePaul
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In the same state, he also dedicated the song “Come close” to her on a stage that drove all fans crazy. Although De Paul was camouflaged in a VIP venue, followers quickly noticed the wink Tini gave him. “I don’t know what’s going on, I don’t know what’s going on. Every time you hug me, time stops. I don’t know what you’re doing, but it happens to me. My heart has not stopped loving you” was the trailer that the singer dedicated to her partner.

The romantic gesture came hours later from the player’s account. Instagram With over 4 million followers. De Paul had already surprised when you send your greetings on a live sports broadcast After the important match against Italy for the finalissima. He had also supported his partner since the concentration in Argentina showed concern to see one of his broadcast recitals.

We are very good. We haven’t seen each other for work for a while and we enjoy it when we’re together. . I already told him. It breaks it, it makes a lot of people happy. It’s a good thing that we make people forget their troubles in what we do,” said the actor in his interview: It is not too late which is given by telephone.

Source: Info Bae

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