World Cup 2022: Embolo’s funny day, Ronaldo’s history, Uruguay’s innocence… Things to remember from Thursday 24 November

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Teams from Groups G and H took part in the competition on Thursday, the fifth day of this World Cup in Qatar.

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Portugal entered this 2022 World Cup with a right foot after a 3-2 win over Ghana. Like Switzerland, who didn’t shine on day one against Cameroon (1-0). It turned out to be more complicated for Uruguay, especially on a day marked by non-sporting adventures around the Qatari enclosure.

Pass to Portugal and Switzerland, Uruguay trapped

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As the players often repeat, winning three points is the most important thing in soccer. Thursday, November 24th, it’s not the Swiss who say otherwise. Cameroon’s unfairly wronged Switzerland opened the day with a disappointing win (1-0). On the way, the Nazis will return. If they weren’t so confident on the ball, the Portuguese provided a breathtaking scenario before winning over Ghana (3-2). Becoming the first player to score goals in five different World Cups, three points, the Uruguayan did not pocket. Edinson Cavani’s teammate was held back by South Korea and stalled from the start (0-0).

Interesting day with Brill Emboro

Born on 14 February 1997 in Yaounde, Brel Embolo had an emotional day on Thursday 24 November as he qualified for the 2022 World Cup with Switzerland. His AS at the forefront of Nati’s offense, his Monaco striker faced his native Cameroon for the first time. Clear and visibly overwhelmed with emotion in the first period, he scored the only goal of the game after returning from the locker room. achievements that were satisfied and not celebrated by asking for “It’s a dream. I’m very proud of myself and my family.” A player commented after the game, “I am happy to start the tournament in this way. I would like to congratulate my team and wish Cameroon every success.”

Heckled supporter

Life for Qatar’s World Cup supporters is far from a long calm river.Obstacles proliferate around the World Cup enclosure after four days of competition. Moroccan fans learned this Thursday that their Berber flags had been confiscated ahead of Wednesday’s game between Morocco and Croatia. could not enter. It’s a limitation that’s starting to make noise, but some people are trying to find solutions. This is how Mexican supporters tried to enter the stands with alcohol hidden in fake binoculars.

Saudi man undergoing pancreatic surgery

If Saudi Arabia were to surprise Argentina by beating Argentina in their first match (2-1), they unfortunately paid the price. Defender Yasser Al-Shafrani had to leave his team after a violent collision with his own goalkeeper. And for good reason. The Saudi defender suffered a broken jaw, concussion and internal injuries to his chest and abdomen. This Thursday he underwent successful pancreatic surgery. “I would like to reassure you about my health. I am getting better. Please remember to pray for me. Congratulations on your victory. Thank you.”, Al-Shahrani was relieved on his social media. He is set to start his recovery in Saudi Arabia in the next few hours and his teammates will take on Poland on Saturday at 2pm.

Source: Francetvinfo

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