Porrentruy – The furniture was stolen after the match: a broken tooth for a gendarme!

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The temperature rose on Sunday between the fans of EHC Bienne and those of HC Ajoie. The police had to use tear gas.

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The police were deployed last night in front of “Au petit café de la Gare”.


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HC Bienne fans have been neutralized in this establishment.

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Monday morning, everything was back to normal, with cheesecake on the menu.

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The “Buffet de la Gare” is closed in Porrentruy. It is on the other side of the road that the ultras of HC Ajoie and the fans of EHC Bienne targeted restaurant owners, Sunday evening around 6:45 p.m., at the end of the meeting between the two clubs, with a 9th defeat of rank for HC Ajoie. “I was there, it was hot,” said a gendarme at the wheel of his car in front of the station on Monday morning.

According to witnesses, the ultras Ajoulots followed the Biel supporters to the station to do battle. At the “Hôtel de la Gare”, the doors were locked when tubs of plants were overturned in front of the terrace. No enthusiast could enter this refurbished property last year.

Tear gas

“In order to restore public order and after having wiped throws of objects of various kinds, the gendarmerie, supported by the municipal police of Porrentruy, had to use the means of restraint useful in such a case”, jointly indicated the captain Éric Froidevaux and commissioner Dominique Vallat.

The Jura police having used tear gas, it was not beers that the HC Bienne fans wanted to obtain in the two restaurants at the station, but water to wash their eyes. A favor refused for fear of overflows. “They came for that and it caused a riot,” says the boss. A client however saw a Jura policeman help a supporter of HC Bienne to wash his eyes in the WC.

The Biel supporters were channeled and directed towards a train leaving for Biel, but two police officers were injured: a broken tooth for one, multiple bruises for the other. “Material damage was committed, especially on restaurants near the station,” said the Jura police on Sunday evening.

Beer in hand

“Many onlookers and customers present at the time of the events were shocked by the behavior of the protagonists”, specified the Jura police. At the Hôtel de la Gare, the boss faced a band of “all excited, beer in hand” supporters. The police lent him a hand, which had the effect of repelling unwanted people in the restaurant “Chez la Soph”, also called “Au petit café de la Gare”, open on Sundays until 8 pm.

“We saw chairs and tables fly,” said a witness who went out to smoke a cigarette during the scuffle. Identification of the troublemakers is underway. “Some were masked,” said a witness. “The investigation is underway”, indicated Monday evening Daniel Affolter, spokesperson for the Jura police.

Photographs, videos

Monday afternoon, the Jura police repeated its call for witnesses “in order to allow the identification of as many perpetrators as possible”. All persons with information, photographs, videos or other information are requested to register.

“At the time of the facts, many criminal offenses were committed by the troublemakers of public order”, insists the Jura police, citing bodily injuries with regard to the two wounded gendarmerie officers as well as numerous damages to the property. Next home game: December 23 against HC Davos.

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