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How do you handle the Ganyu and Zhongli banners? Don’t despair if you haven’t received them yet, there are still many days left. Also, if you run out of protogems, don’t worry, because I bring you the solution. And the fact is Impact de Genshin prepare for us from time to time some small web events that give us prototypes, among other things.

The good thing about these Genshin’s impact is that it’s usually short and easy to perform.. But you could say the wrong thing is that we can’t forget to log in every day.. The web event called “The Great Banquet of the Adeptus”.and i will explain what to do and what rewards are available.

The New Genshin Impact Web Event

  • You can read the web event from Impact de Genshin at this link
  • The event takes place from From January 28 to February 6, 2022
  • To be able to participate in this one and get all the rewards. you must be rank 10 or higher in the Adventure category
  • The rewards of this are to be claimed from the internal mail of the game
  • do not forget claim them, because once the event is over, these rewards will disappear.. And if you forget, Paimon will come for you….

What is the Grand Banquet of the Adeptus?

  • The goal is simple: you need to get several glitter seashells with which we can unlock areas of the Relajatetera and earn rewards.
  • The website glitter seashells can be obtained in various ways
    • To connect to Impact de Genshin every day and to make two agendasin addition to consume 40 original resins
    • With the web event traversal mini-game. (400 shells per day). Shells collected on the website must be claimed manually on the same page

The mini-crossing web game

  • By sharing the web event of Impact de Genshin and connect to it every day, we will receive the corresponding amount of the crossings
  • What you need to do in this one is fishing various objects and fish from the bottom of the sea.. Each object has a corresponding number of sparkling shells.
  • At the bottom of the sea there are also chestswhich will be stored and opened at the end of the mini-game. These will be stored in the “Underwater Treasures Exhibitionwhich can be found at the beginning (there are 5 types in total)⭐.
  • A Unlock all areas of the relaxation workshop.the section Blessings of the Spirit will also be unlocked, thanks to the initiative of the which allows us to obtain other rewards speaking to Gordi❗
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The rewards

  • Yes you unlock the 5 areas of the eventyou will receive⭐
    • 120 Protogemmes
    • 10 Hero’s Spirit
    • 10 Mystical Refinement Minerals
    • 70 000 Blackberry
  • If you get all 5 underwater treasuresyou will receive⭐
    • 5 blessed ointments
    • 20,000 late payment
  • The rewards of Blessings of the Spirit consists of 10 Liyue specialties (with a total cost of one million euros each). 150 sparkling shells)⭐
    • 2 silk flowers
    • 2 crystal bells
    • 2 Jades Noctilucous
    • 2 Jueyun peppers
    • 4 Cor Lapis
    • 4 Cgingxin Flowers
    • 4 Crystal Lys
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