Apex Legends celebrates its third anniversary with an in-game event

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The twelfth season ofApex Legends is now live, but you should already know that. To accompany the misdeeds of Mad Maggie and the chaos she is about to generate in Dissent, Respawn plans to please his community.

To mark the three years of its Battle Royale, an event will indeed be offered for two weeks, starting on Tuesday February 15. It is actually the players themselves who imagined the various cosmetic items and some of the skins that will be included in the Anniversary collection event.

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Here is the program in detail:

  • Reward Tracking – This year, the Anniversary event reward tracker was created by the community! Players will be able to unlock content including 12 community-created cosmetic items and a total of 24 limited-time skins to earn throughout the event.
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  • New Prestige skin for Bloodhound – Prestige skins are Legendary cosmetic skins with three levels of rarity. Each Prestige skin is therefore available in three versions. After unlocking the 1st level of a Prestige skin, players will be able to complete challenges to unlock levels 2 and 3 at no additional cost. These challenges are not limited in time.
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  • Legendary Squad Items – Throughout the event, players will also be able to purchase Legendary Squad skins inspired by fan-favorite classics, such as Crypto’s ‘Hip Hop’ skins, Caustic’s ‘Dark Heart’ skins, and more. ‘others !
  • Event Store – Players are encouraged to visit the Event Store to check out special offers throughout the Collector’s Event.

You’ll find even more details about Apex’s anniversary event, which will end on 1st of March next, right here.

Source From: Google News

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