Xbox Cloud Gaming: Flight Simulator will soon support keyboard/mouse combination!

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Microsoft Flight Simulator is probably one of the most advanced video game simulations available today. The game, which has already been realized to create our good planet Earth in real time and can now be used even on a mobile phone screen thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, will soon be able to support keyboard / mouse combination even while streaming!

Controller, HOTAS, keyboard/mouse…

The horizon was already clear for Microsoft Flight Simulator, it would be almost possible to no longer see storm warnings. Asobo Studio teams, Xbox Series X | S’s most advanced simulation already offers daunting content, it wants to go even further. The game, soon available on any of your screens thanks to Xbox Cloud Gaming, will soon be compatible with more accessories than it currently is. Even streaming!

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During a Q&A session held on the game’s YouTube channel, members of the development team talked about upcoming features for the simulation. A question asked in the chat deserves special attention, and Jorh Neumann does not hide the future plans of the licensee:

Viewer: We already know it’s possible to use an Xbox controller in Xbox Cloud Gaming, if so do you know what other devices can be used in xCloud?

Jorg Neumann: The next step for us is the keyboard/mouse combination. This is platform level support and has nothing to do with us although it is compatible with most of our keyboard sims. The platform team is working on it but I can’t give a date. It’s possible.

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Therefore, Jorg Neumann indirectly confirms that the Xbox Cloud Gaming development teams are working on the possibility of being able to control a game streamed by an external device. This news offers new perspectives and may even make it possible to stream PC Game Pass games via the live streaming service, as mentioned a few months ago.

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In the remainder of his answer, Jorg Neumann also explains that he is working on the possibility of applying a gyroscopic function that would bring “a plus to the airplane piloting experience” or controlling airplanes with the touch function. Which is unsurprising speaking when you know that more and more gamers are using these features that are especially suitable for mobile gaming, and proof that Xbox Cloud Gaming is still far from revealing its full features. Jorg Neumann even mentions June as the first availability window! You can find the replay of the live broadcast below.

Source From: Google News

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