NASA opened the sample taken from the Moon 50 years ago

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Apollo missions to the Moon brought a total of 2,196 rock samples to Earth. But NASA has only just begun to unpack one of the endings collected 50 years ago.

All this time, some tubes were actually kept closed so that they could be examined years later in light of the latest technical advances.

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The sample, named 73001, was collected by astronauts Eugene Cernan and Harrison Schmitt in December 1972 during the Apollo 17 mission, the last of the program.

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This was the first of two vacuum-sealed specimens on the Moon to open. Therefore, it may contain gases or volatile substances. The aim is to extract these gases in order to be able to analyze these gases using spectrometry techniques that have become extremely sensitive in recent years.

Return to the Moon in 2025

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The extraction area of ​​this example is particularly interesting as it is a landslide area.

gold, “There is no rain on the Moon and we don’t really understand how landslides occur there.“, Juliane Gross, Apollo’s vice curator, explained during a question-and-answer session on Twitter.By looking at the deep parts of the carrot, we can figure out what’s causing them.”

The agency wants to send humans back to the Moon in 2025. Large quantities of gas must then be collected, and the experiment currently being conducted also serves to better prepare for it.

Source From: Google News

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