Lost Ark – Roadmap May: New Guardian and Legion Raids

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In addition to new classes, including the long-awaited Lancer (fun to play) and the new Bern-South region, Lost Ark introduces new Guardian Raids and the Legion Raid. Let’s explore the first details of these new raids together.


Guardian Raids (Trial) is a new weekly event for players looking for a challenge. Players can try to fight the Guardians three times per week in Trials. Each Guardian has its own item level requirement to enter, and each week one of the Guardians will be replaced with a different enemy. Unlike regular Guardian Raids, Guardian Raids (Trial) apply “Harmony Balance” so that your characters’ item level is proportional to that of their enemies. Additionally, players will not be able to use the War Workshop in the raid area. However, with greater difficulty comes better rewards. Rewards for each Guardian (Challenge) can be obtained once a week per campaign, offering a more diverse range of rewards than regular Guardian raids.


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Guardians are powerful beings who can tip the scales in favor of good or evil. A new guardian will appear and must be defeated before it triggers a new dark age. When he arrives, Deskaluda will be among Archesia’s strongest guards. You will need a high item level to encounter him (1415). As with other Guardian Raids, you can try to defeat him alone or as a team, or with up to three heroes through player encounters.


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This will mark the arrival of the first legion raid in the western version of Lost Ark. Legion Raids are demanding, team-based activities that require working together to strategize and execute to counter each Legion Commander’s unique characteristics, abilities, and mechanics. Legion raids are grueling and time-consuming, so they contain portals (or checkpoints) to save your progress as the raid progresses. Valtan is an eight-man legion raid that introduces a host of new mechanics. You must be at item level 1415 to participate. We’ll tell you more about Legion Raids as we get closer to the May Update.

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