Two key clues that will tell you if your device is infected by Pegasus or other spyware

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The espionage scandal with Pegasus against independence supporters and the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, and the Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has caused a political earthquake in Spain. According to the latest information published by the newspaper GuardianMorocco would be behind the espionage of more than 200 Spanish mobiles.

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Pegasus is a software malicious linked to the Israeli company NSO Group. Theoretically it is used to track and monitor terrorists and criminals, but recently we have learned that it has also been used to secretly spy on the phones of politicians, activists and journalists, which leads us to think that any device, whoever it is, could be the victim of an attack with Pegasus.

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What does Pegasus do?

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Pegasus is spyware that basically allows you to remotely control a mobile phone, computer or tablet from any other device without the consent or knowledge of the owner of the device. In this way, hackers have access to all the phone’s file systems: from photos and videos to access to social networks and location. Through this spywareyou can also activate the camera and microphone.

Pegasus sneaks onto your mobile device via a text message (SMS) or a fraudulent link. However, unlike other malware, this one is also capable of infecting devices without the user doing anything, an action known as Zero Click. Once inside, it installs itself and removes its traces after being activated. In this way, it can continue to steal information and access different user content, such as data from WhatsApp, Facebook or email services and browsers.

Despite being one of the most stealthy spyware today, Pegasus spyware leaves behind a number of indicators on target devices that can alert victims.

How can I know if my device is infected by Pegasus?

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The main difference that Pegasus presents with respect to other software malicious is that it uses some Zero Day vulnerabilities, that is, those unknown to users or manufacturers. “These types of vulnerabilities are usually very expensive on the black market and are only available to companies or attackers with many resources, as seems to be the case with NSO Group,” said the director of Systems Engineering at Fortinet Spain and Portugal, José Luis Laguna, in statements collected by Europe Press.

In this line, Laguna has insisted that it is necessary to go beyond the symptoms already identified in other spyware and analyze the anomalous behavior of commonly used devices. In this sense, Pegasus offers some visible signs that may make the presumed victims suspect that they have been attacked.

Slowdown and overheating

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If your device runs slower than usual or overheats more than usual, you may have fallen victim to Pegasus “If, for example, your device suddenly runs slower than normal, if it hangs often. If excessive data consumption occurs when we are not using it, it is also an indicator,” said the Fortinet manager.

Likewise, the fact that the battery life is decreasing can also be a sign that this device is working in the background. malwaresince if it is installed, not only the autonomy of the equipment is reduced, but it also overheats.

How to avoid being a victim of Pegasus?

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Despite the fact that Pegasus works stealthily and its identification on an infected device is very difficult, there are a number of measures that users should take into account to avoid becoming its victims. As is often the case with this and the rest of the malware Until now known, extreme precautions must be taken and double checks must be made every time personal and confidential information is provided.

Instead of clicking on the link that we have received, to verify that it is legitimate, it is advisable to type the address of the site in the web browser, even though this means taking an additional step and not directly accessing this service. If the text has spelling and grammatical errors, be suspicious.

Another of the determining aspects to keep the system safe is to have the latest versions of software, with the aim of correcting vulnerabilities from previous updates. Likewise, it is also important to check the permissions that are granted to the applications each time they are downloaded, since it must be watched if, for example, the ‘software’ requires the use of the microphone when it does not really need it.

Source: Lavanguardia

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