Still don’t get reactions with emojis on WhatsApp? This is what you should do

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In order to start enjoying the latest great novelty of WhatsApp, you must make sure that you have updated the latest version of the application. Meta’s proprietary instant messaging platform never ceases to amaze us with very useful new tools, such as emoticon reactions to messages.

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We must know that not all new functions are activated through WhatsApp updates, some of them are activated at the server level, as is the case with reactions. This means that we do not necessarily have to update to the latest version of the platform to enjoy the new tools, although it is recommended to do so to keep the application up to date.

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The messaging platform has now activated reactions with emojis to messages

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In the case of having an iPhone, the updates will be made from the application store of the iOS operating system, which is known as the App Store.

When accessing it, by default you will appear on the ‘Today’ screen and you must access your account icon from the profile picture on the top right of the screen.

The first thing to do is access the App Store

When entering the ‘Account’ section, you will find all the information about your App Store profile. At the bottom of the screen, you will find a list in which all the applications that are pending updating appear. Generally and by default, the devices update themselves overnight and connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Once inside this section, it is advisable to refresh the screen by sliding your finger down, in this way the App Store will search for the latest pending updates. It is likely that some very recent one was missing to be included in the list.

Then you have to enter our account from the profile picture in the upper right corner

Once the screen is updated, you have to access ‘Next automatic updates’, here all the applications with pending updates will be. Selecting ‘Update All’ will force all updates at once and ensure all your apps are up to date.

Another option is to do it individually, for example, by searching for the WhatsApp platform in the list and clicking on ‘Update’, an option that is located to the right of each application.

To make sure we have the latest version, we must select the option Update all

If you don’t see the update you’re looking for, you can try to refresh the screen again by swiping down after a few minutes. Another option is to manually check for new updates, although the most comfortable option is to wait for the device to update each application on its own.

How to use the new reactions with WhatsApp emojis

WhatsApp reactions

To make use of the new reactions with emojis on the platform, you simply have to press your finger on the message you want to react to. In this way, a row of emoticons will be displayed for you to choose the one you want in each case.

In case of accessing WhatsApp from its web or desktop version, the process is similar, you must place the cursor on top of the message you want to react to and in the same way, the emoticons will appear and you will have to choose one of them.

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