‘Pokémon Scarlet’ and ‘Purple’, a good game hampered by technical problems

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It is as important to have good ideas as to know how to execute them. Scarlet Pokemon Y pokemon purpleavailable for Nintendo Switch from this Friday, introduce very interesting new features within this veteran franchise, but, at the same time, they miserably fail when it comes to implementing them.

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The numerous and conspicuous errors with which these two titles have hit stores are monopolizing all the conversation about the game on social networks. And it’s a real shame, since behind this new iteration of the adventures of Pikachu and company lies a title with a lot of potential.

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A bit of context before we get down to business. Scarlet Pokemon Y pokemon purple They are the two main new installments in the saga and mark the introduction of the ninth generation of the creatures that give the game its name. As the main installment, the title comes in two editions, but it is the same game with some very slight differences.

The game is set in Paldea, a fictional region inspired by the Iberian Peninsula.

One of the most striking novelties of Scarlet and Purple is its setting in Paldea, a new fictional region inspired by the Iberian Peninsula. So much so that the game is full of references to emblematic buildings and Spanish customs, something that has aroused great curiosity among the many fans of this franchise in Spain.

The game subtly recreates emblematic buildings and settings of the Spanish geography

Identifying the way in which the Japanese studio Game Freak reinterprets and introduces specific aspects of the Spanish landscape or gastronomy is funny, but what is truly interesting are the many gameplay and design changes. The most notable novelty is that, finally, the adventure is set in a totally open world. Unlike Pokemon Legends: Arceusthis time the stage is not divided into subsections, but is a single, gigantic world.

The great novelty of the game is that, finally, it offers a totally open 3D world

The introduction of a truly open stage makes the gameplay, based as always on collecting and fighting Pokémon, much more fluid. Also, other interesting news from Scarlet Y Purple They are the so-called Teracrystallization, which is a new mechanic that provides more depth and strategy to the combats; and the wise change in the structure of the game, which is now divided into three main paths in which the player can progress freely.

Image of 'Pokémon Scarlet' and 'Pokémon Purple'

The news that Scarlet Y Purple bring to the table take the franchise to a new level, as they are changes that truly improve the traditional Pokémon formula. And that is why the technical problems with which the game has gone on sale feel like a stone in the shoe.

The game has gone on sale without the necessary polish

There are not a few players who, since this Friday, are sharing videos on social networks with bugs, glitches, slowdowns, texture problems and other graphic errors that the game suffers almost constantly. It is not an isolated case, we ourselves have witnessed all these errors during the last week. It gives the feeling that the game has gone on sale without the necessary polishing, perhaps to arrive on time for a Christmas campaign in which it will sell again in droves, but in which the reputation of the brand can also be seriously affected.

Image of 'Pokémon Scarlet' and 'Pokémon Purple'

There will be those who reason that, despite its numerous technical problems, the title is perfectly playable and offers a great experience thanks to the new features introduced, and they will not be without reason. But at the same time, it’s surprising that one of the most commercially successful entertainment franchises on the planet launches its long-awaited new installment with such sloppiness. Also, this is not a hardware problem, as Nintendo Switch has recently received another open world game, such as Xenoblade Chronicles 3which shows that the console is capable of offering open worlds with a great level of detail.

Much more should be demanded of a brand as important as Pokémon

At the moment, neither Nintendo nor The Pokémon Company have ruled on the errors with which Scarlet Pokemon Y Purple they have gone on sale. It is possible, and expected, that in the next few days updates will be published that optimize performance, but right now it is nonsense from a technical point of view. It is not understandable that those people who have gone to the stores to get hold of the launch game have to suffer the fact that it has come out without the necessary polish. Much more should be required of a brand as important as Pokémon.

The new 'Pokémon' game will feature a quite original recreation of the Iberian Peninsula

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