Leaks for Bioshock 4: Frame, era and exit window

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Here is one who knows how to make himself wait. Bioshock 4, announced in December 2019 and the next episode of the successful series which sold nearly 38 million copies, has recently been talked about, except that we know that it will take place in a world more open than the previous ones.

Developped by Cloud Chamber, a new studio created for the occasion by 2K Games, the game finally lets us glimpse the inside of his diving suit, thanks to some leaks relayed by the journalist Colin Moriarty in a video by Sacred Symbols (for paying Patreon subscribers) and reported by VGC.

The setting and era of the next Bioshock

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We already knew that the Unreal Engine 5 would most likely be used to bring the Bioshock 4. But the prize for the biggest question went to its setting and its time. The series is indeed already known to drastically change the mood and scenery within its original trilogy. So, back under the ocean or not?

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Antarctica, in the 1960s. This is the framework in which the next Bioshock should unfold, according to Moriarty. Still according to him, the main town would be called “Borealis”, and certain narrative elements would have links with the preceding episodes. Other information, and not least, Cloud Chamber and 2K Games would aim for a release for 2022.

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“The game is codenamed ‘Parkside’ … I’ve been told the development team has incredible leeway to get it right.”, said Moriarty. He adds : “Internally, the game is very secretive and apparently totally locked down. Apparently, they fully understand that this game will be compared to what Ken Levine did. “

let’s remember that Ken levine (creator of the original series) is absent from this new project. Nevertheless, many veterans who worked on the first Bioshock are back. Jonathan Pelling designer and creative director on the game at the time, is now the design director of this new opus.

The creative director of the game is Hoagy de la Plante, which was in the design of the levels, the environment and the programming on the first one. Scott Sinclair, the artistic director of Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, will also be back.

That a large part of the thinking heads of the first episodes are there is certainly good news, and we hope that their contribution will make this episode as memorable as its elders.

Source From: Google News

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