What is this mysterious “cube” photographed on the far side of the Moon?

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The Chinese rover Yutu-2 has photographed a mysterious “cube” on the far side of the Moon. But what can it be?

The intriguing shape is found on the far side of the Moon, the one that never faces planet Earth. The one where the Chinese Yutu-2 rover is currently located, which offers us this image of this quite mysterious cubic shape never seen before, according to information from the Chinese popular science site Our Space.

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Mysterious cube-shaped “hut” or “house” discovered on the moon’s far side by China’s Yutu-2 moon rover.

The rover will spend the next 2-3 months verifying it. pic.twitter.com/7PHclAMcKW

— Zahack Tanvir — Zahack Tanvir (@zahacktanvir) December 7, 2021

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Already nicknamed “Mystery House” by the Chinese space agency, this “cube” is located about 80 meters north of the Chinese rover, in the lunar crater called Von Kármán (where the robot landed). Spotted in November, on the 36th lunar day of the mission, it could be a rock that came out of the ground after an excavation due to an impact on the satellite.

2 to 3 months to do 80 meters

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The Chinese space agency has planned to bring the rover closer to the mysterious cube during the next 2 to 3 lunar days (knowing that a lunar day is equivalent to about a terrestrial month). The rover should thus take three months to cover the 80 meters which separate it from the “Mystery House”. Remember that the machine works thanks to solar energy and that it must bypass many obstacles on its (short) path.

Source From: Google News

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