Football – Abramovic looks for a Portuguese rabbi around

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SentMarch 12, 2022 at 08:24

Portuguese justice has conducted several searches and arrested the rabbi of the Porto community as part of an investigation into the naturalization of Jewish descendants benefiting the Russian billionaire.

Nothing is going well for the Russian oligarch.

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The investigation concerns facts that “are likely to constitute crimes of influence trading, active corruption, document falsification, money laundering and even tax evasion,” according to a press release from the prosecutor’s office. According to local media reports, Porto Chief Rabbi Daniel Litvak was arrested in Porto on Thursday as he was about to return to Israel. It has to be presented to a judge on Saturday, who will decide on the judicial control measures to be applied to it.

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Portuguese justice launched an investigation last January into the naturalization procedure of Roman Abramovic, owner of London football club Chelsea, who was granted citizenship in April 2021. The Russian billionaire had benefited from a law that allowed the persecution and deportation of all his descendants of Sephardic Jews. He became a Portuguese citizen at the end of the 15th century.

Under this law, Jewish communities in Porto or Lisbon must provide a certificate confirming their Jewish ancestry. A press release from the Porto Israeli community denies these accusations, noting that officials from these communities are suspected of issuing false certificates regarding the Jewish ancestry of several candidates. It also notes that this investigation is targeting other naturalization procedures, such as that of Patrick Drahi, owner and founder of telecom and media group Altice.

The Porto Jewish community claims it has been the victim of “anonymous denunciations” aimed at “questioning the integrity of the procedures” for naturalization, adding that it has filed previous complaints for “slanderous denunciations”. Since this compensation law was enacted seven years ago, more than 137,000 citizenship applications have been filed. Portugal granted citizenship to more than 56,000 descendants of Sephardic Jews, according to figures recalled by the Israeli Porto community.

Porto Jewish community board member Michael Rothwell told AFP on the occasion of the law’s seventh anniversary that “Jews of at least 60 different nationalities” have already benefited from the law. “We believe Portugal is currently perhaps the safest place for Jews to live in Europe,” he said, but regretted the “greater visibility of the Jewish community” and the rise in manifestations of “public anti-Semitism.”


Source From: Google News

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