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Experts said on Twitter that East Antarctica has recorded exceptionally high temperatures this week, 30C above normal.

Established at an altitude of more than 3,000 meters in Dome C of the Antarctic plateau, the Concordia research base recorded a record “temperature” of -11.5°C on Friday, “an absolute record for all months, surpassing -13.7°C. 17 December 2016. C in ‘,” tweeted Météo-France’s forecaster Etienne Kapikian.

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While temperatures should have dropped as the Australian summer ended, the Dumont d’Urville base on the coast of Adélie Land set a record mild for March with a record minimum temperature of +4.9°C. +0.2°C on March 18.

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“(Frost-free days are rare in Dumont d’Urville), but it never happened after February 22 (in 1991),” Gaëtan Heymes from Météo-France said on Twitter.

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He described a “mild historic event in the east of the icy continent, with temperatures between 30 and 35°C above seasonal normals”.

A wave that changes probability

“This is the time when temperatures should drop rapidly since the summer solstice in December,” said researcher Jonathan Wille of the Institute for Environmental Earth Sciences in Grenoble.

“This heatwave over Antarctica is changing what we think is possible for Antarctic weather,” he tweeted.

While it is not possible to attribute this to climate change at the time of an event, one of the clearest signs of global warming is the proliferation and intensification of heat waves.

The poles are warming even faster than the planet’s average, which has averaged about +1.1°C since the pre-industrial era.

The East Antarctic heat wave comes as Antarctic sea ice reaches its smallest recorded area since satellite measurements began in late February, at less than 2 million square kilometers, in 1979, according to the American research center National Snow and Ice Data Center.

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