Salmonellosis: Ferrero denies slow response

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Posted in14 April 2022 at 07:36

As of December 15, the Belgian factory has identified and blocked salmonella-contaminated batches. But the products were not recalled until early April.

List of products affected by the possible presence of salmonella.

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Warned in mid-December about the presence of salmonella at its Kinder factory in Belgium, Ferrero denied that it was slow to react, as the NGO Foodwatch blamed, while 150 cases of contamination were declared in Europe.

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Since the end of March, the number of patients affected by salmonellosis, whose symptoms resemble gastroenteritis, has continued to rise, with cases detected in nine European countries. The first warning dates back to March 23, when British officials notified the Italian group that their products could be a source of salmonella contamination.

However, the first case detected in the UK dates back to 21 December, with no connection to Kinder chocolates being made, according to European health surveillance agencies. “And what did Ferrero do between December and March?” Asks Foodwatch campaign head Camille Dorioz, who was also surprised that the recall of products in France was ordered only on April 4.

Management said the French branch of the confectionery “was not alerted by British authorities until 30 March”. Ferrero stated that he detected and blocked groups contaminated with salmonella at factory parties in Belgium on December 15 and took hygiene measures to eliminate the presence of the bacteria. As for the Belgian health authorities, then, we indicate at the confectioner, they were not informed.

“The investigation is ongoing and aims to understand why people get sick when products are blocked,” we explain the investigations conducted by the Belgian judiciary at Ferrero France. All chocolates produced at the Arlon factory, particularly Kinder Surprise and Schoko-Bons, were finally recalled on April 8. The Belgian health agency ordered the closure of the factory due to lack of warranty, damaging the brand’s image a few days before Easter, when chocolate sales were at their peak.

“I didn’t see, I wasn’t caught”

Ferrero gives the impression that he is “trying to escape his responsibilities,” according to Foodwatch, which is angered by the “lack of transparency”. First of all, the NGO criticizes the first recall of “sprinkling” products in France for only certain batches, while this usually benign infection can sometimes be fatal.

“It’s not just Easter eggs and other Kinder Maxi Mix bunnies that have been affected by the scandal,” the NGO warns in a press release that Kinder products may have been contaminated as early as last Christmas. For Foodwatch, the company played the “not seen, not taken” game. “The holiday season is a good time for Ferrero, who clearly prefers to try everything for anything and not move forward with a recall-at that time,” the STK says.

Noting that Christmas products, such as Christmas calendars, leave the factory before October 15, the start of the recall period for chocolates, the confectioner opposes, saying, “These are not risky products.” If they’re a recall today, Ferrero says, it’s “in the name of standardization and consumer understanding.”

These contaminations and the E. coli bacteria from the consumption of Buitoni pizzas have multiplied the critiques of self-control obligatory in the French food industry. “It’s always the same thing: there’s an epidemic, the research goes back to a product, and then we discover that positive self-checks are done and nothing is done,” says Camille Dorioz.

Given their symptoms, which are very similar to those of gastroenteritis, it would be difficult to know whether consumption of these Kinder products has caused other cases of salmonellosis. “All procedures have been strengthened,” says the French branch of the confectioner, who advocates the effectiveness of their self-control, stating that it is “the first recall in 70 years.”


Source From: Google News

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