Meeting with US regional defense ministers

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Lloyd Austin, the North American official in the region, attended the Conference of the American Defense Ministers in Brazil.

File photo of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (Tom Williams/REUTERS)
File photo of US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin (Tom Williams/REUTERS)

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III, last week’s Conference of the Secretary of Defense of the United States He Latin American and Caribbean democracies want to work closely with the United States. “In many cases, countries share a common vision of challenges and opportunities” The US Undersecretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere made an assessment to Daniel P. Erikson regarding the group’s 15th meeting in Brasilia.

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Erikson, who accompanied the US Secretary of Defense to Brazil, noted that Austin used the conference as a way to meet with other hemispherical security leaders. Discuss your concerns and express your perspective on US efforts to deepen bilateral and regional cooperation in the region.

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Austin spoke with ministers about the concept of integrated defense, Erikson said in a statement, touching on how integrated deterrence applies to the Western Hemisphere. work seamlessly with allies and recognizing that there partners and partnerships are a lasting force for America.

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The US Department of Defense admitted there are problems in the hemisphere and some democracies in the region are fragile And then there are the problems with drug trafficking, human trafficking and the unequal distribution of wealth, and those problems have been exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Climate change also affects regional security. Austin told the leaders: No country can find lasting security without solving the climate crisis. Erikson said that climate change has already been perceived by security forces in America. Hurricanes are more frequent and stronger. In other regions, droughts are hotter and longer. In other regions the problem is flooding. In all cases, Erikson explained, military forces are often called upon by civilian authorities to save people or help them deal with the consequences.

US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, Brazil
US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin said that in Brazil, America was united by a “devotion to democracy” and advocated for the armed forces to be under “tight civilian control”.

The US Secretary of Defense also stressed the need. Collaborate in the fight against cyber challenges. Erikson urged countries to think more deeply about their own cyber defenses than in the past, noting that the ministerial conference was a unique opportunity for defense and security leaders to “really raise all these issues.” ways you can work together to address them more deeply.”

Latter, recognized that for some countries in the region, China has become an important economic partner. However, he noted that the United States remains a key defense partner for most Latin American and Caribbean countries.

“The secretary wants to underline that. We are aware that China is trying to play an increasingly important role in the region.” said Erikson. He urged countries to weigh carefully what further engagement with China could cost.” added.

Only in the field of defense, the perspectives of the countries of the American continent towards China are different. “Some share our skepticism,” Erikson said. “There are those who seek closer relations in the economic field. But the fact that the US Secretary of Defense has traveled to Brazil and interacted with some of his counterparts from the region shows that the US is determined to be here as a partner.”

File photo of Daniel P. Erikson, US Under-Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere
File photo of Daniel P. Erikson, US Under-Secretary of Defense for the Western Hemisphere

Austin has had several bilateral talks with Latin American and Caribbean countries who wanted to see how they could deepen their partnership with the United States to solve their own security and defense problems. “This can happen in the region. increase area knowledge – especially marine area knowledge” Erikson explained. “In some cases, it’s about upgrading equipment and improving some of its military and defense capabilities. In other cases, it’s about sharing information. ”

And Erikson claimed countries also want more joint exercises Professional military training remains an important component of overall US military and defense engagement in the region.

Delegations from 34 countries attended the Fifteenth American Secretary of Defense Conference in Brasilia, established in 1995 by United States Secretary of Defense William J. Perry. security

Source: Info Bae

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