Pedro Castillo rejects prime minister’s resignation and reforms his cabinet

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Amid tensions between the Executive and Legislative branches, Peru’s president sworn in six new members of his working team

Pedro Castillo rejects his prime minister's resignation and reforms his cabinet
Pedro Castillo rejects his prime minister’s resignation and reforms his cabinet

head Peru, Pedro Castillo rejected the resignation of the prime minister this Friday, Hannibal Torres He will continue in his post and later renewed his cabinet with the change of six ministers, including the Ministers of Economy and Foreign Affairs.

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“I did not accept the resignation of prime minister Aníbal Torres, who agreed to continue working for our country” After waiting two days, Castillo wrote a short message on Twitter.

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Torres, who took office as prime minister in February, submitted his resignation on Wednesday for “personal reasons” and announced it was his turn to “return to class”.

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However, since it is not irrevocable, The resignation was subject to the president’s acceptance.

Pedro Castillo with new members of government team
Pedro Castillo with new members of government team

Castillo announced that he would be sworn in in the new cabinet this Friday, and local media have since endorsed several names as prime minister.

Among them were candidates who were more left-wing and those who had a more conciliatory character and sought to reduce tensions between the Executive and power. Congress .

The president did not nominate a new prime minister on Friday night, however. He announced that he rejected Torres’ resignation.

Thus, Castillo avoids avoiding the no-confidence vote that Congress must issue to approve a new cabinet; Parliament and therefore jeopardized the position of the president.

With Torres back at the helm, it remained to be seen whether there would be ministerial changes in the Executive or whether the fourth cabinet would remain intact.


At around 10pm, Castillo was sworn in at six ministers, some already part of the government, others who are, and three new faces.

Tensions between Executive and Legislature persist in Peru
Tensions between Executive and Legislature persist in Peru

“The prime minister has announced his position and this is telling the president to evaluate his work. He has evaluated his work and asked him to continue improving it within the Government. This was not an irreversible resignation, the president asked him to continue accompanying him,” he said. Iskender Salas answered questions from the press.

The minister explained that the new cabinet has “experienced people with a lot of technical preparation” and is also knowledgeable about politics.

Neither the president nor the prime minister emerged after the change of ministers.

new Minister of Economy and Finance He is a university professor and former minister in his government. Ollanta Humala (2011-2016) Wolf Burneo instead of Oscar Graham.

Castillo also replaced the chancellor, who was an internationalist as of this Friday. Miguel Angel Rodriguez changing Caesar Landa .

Salas, who holds the cultural portfolio, will replace Juan Lira with Work and Employment Promotion, Geiner Alvarado will replace Juan Barranzuela from Housing to Transport and Communication, and César Paniagua will head the Housing division.

Finally, the new Minister of Culture, Bettsy Chávez, challenges Congress for being censored by Parliament while holding the Labor Party portfolio.


Before the storm of the night, Congress President Lady Camones He explained at a press conference that Castillo’s resignation would be the “ideal scenario” and that his departure would respond to “a national level sentiment”.

The split between the Executive and the Legislature this Thursday Parliament refused to allow Castillo to travel to Colombia for the inauguration ceremony of the country’s new president, Gustavo Petro..

Some opponents argued that Castillo had five investigations opened by the National Prosecutor’s Office, and some congressmen even stated that he was at risk of absconding.

With this new ministerial team, Castillo would seek to deal with the government crisis unleashed by Torres’ resignation, which, if accepted, would have led to the formation of a fifth cabinet within a year as Peruvian president.

(with information from EFE)

Source: Info Bae

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