Taiwan accuses China of simulating attack on island

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According to Taipei, the Taiwanese military “spotted multiple groups of communist aircraft and ships operating around the Taiwan Strait” on Saturday.

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Tension rises in the meantime Taiwan and China. Taipei accused Beijing of simulating an attack on her island on Saturday, August 6. taiwan army “We have detected multiple groups of communist aircraft and ships operating around the Taiwan Strait.explained on Saturday, August 6thStatement by Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense.

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According to Taipei 68 aircraft, 13 warships crossed like this “middle line”and these groups They are believed to be carrying out mock attacks on the main island of Taiwan.”.

China invokes ‘day and night’ operations

China’s military said on Friday it had deployed fighter planes, bombers and numerous destroyers and escort boats to participate in those operations that took place on Friday. “day and night”These trainings are Offered as a one-on-one workout lasting until noon on Sunday “blockade” Island of.

These accusations are part of a tense situation between China and the United States. Since my visit to Taiwan China stepped up its retaliation following Tuesday’s remarks by Nancy Pelosi.the stay of The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives “provocation” by Beijing because Washington has promised not to have official relations with the island’s territory claimed by China. In response, China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on Friday evening that it would suspend some cooperation with the United States, particularly on justice, the fight against drugs, and climate change.

Source: Francetvinfo

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