Why is China’s blockade of Taiwan and Xi Jinping playing with fire?

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The head of the regime ordered a military siege in response to Nancy Pelosi’s visit to the island. The dilemma facing the Beijing dictator and the key difference between him and Vladimir Putin

Xi Jinping after speaking to the public in Hong Kong on June 30.  The head of the Chinese regime faces an important dilemma with Taiwan that could jeopardize its future ahead of the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (Reuters)
Xi Jinping after speaking to the public in Hong Kong on June 30. The head of the Chinese regime faces an important dilemma with Taiwan that could jeopardize its future ahead of the 20th Congress of the Chinese Communist Party (Reuters)

Those who follow her closely have said that for some time now her face reflects anger and anxiety. This is not the same person who smiles and conveys serenity to the public and his subordinates. “this is uglier ”, ironically someone who noticed this change in rictus. There’s a lot of headache Xi Jinping but most of all: accounts that need to be issued soon Congress of the Communist Party of China (PCC). There his long-awaited lifetime future will be defined.

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19 hour noisy visit Nancy Pelosi a Taiwan as part of your trip Asia added nuances to the future assembly. xi He knows that he cannot stand still in the face of the regime. beijing had previously qualifiedprovocation ” and one “Red line from ” United States of America They shouldn’t pass. The journey aroused incredible anticipation: hundreds of thousands of people followed it live from the app flight radar24 Airplane trip Boeing C-40 between Air forces was carrying the veteran 82-year-old Democrat congressman from here. Kuala Lumpur a Taipei where he was greeted with open arms.

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government Tsai Ing-wen weighed the pros and cons of its existence before pelosi and came to the following conclusion:A Taiwan It is visited by 50 million tourists every year. Another person who set foot on our land. We are the beacon of democracy and only reject the entry of terrorists ”. They even claim Taipei would allow a lot xi Although her dream is to keep her together with her industries, she arrives on the island to show her how good it is to live freely there.

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salute pelosi sparked a long discussion about an earthquake and how to react. beijing . xi He realizes that there is no room to appear petrified, but he also knows that the consequences of going beyond the limits accepted by the international community can be devastating for his own economy. constant harassment Taiwan .

In the last six months – January to July 2022 – Taiwanese businessmen Chinese They decided to return to their country because that economy was cooling down and they saw that the guarantees under which they were administered until recently were no longer what they used to be. For some, in addition to this, a no less important factor is added: a sense of belonging. They and their families moved not only their businesses but also their millions. investment is expected. Taiwan Some 35 billion dollars . A significant waste of money for the continent.

This experience is not only for Taiwanese, but especially for Hong Kongers. in the last few months Hong Kong experiences a similar migration before its overwhelming advance. beijing about their freedoms and the controls that one of the most important financial centers on the planet has been subjected to. This is the preferred destination of the disillusioned Singapore … E Taiwan .

But island – official name Republic Chinese – not only does he get dollars back from local entrepreneurs, but he also sees how he is increasingly looking at the opportunities created by other countries. Important holdings between January and June Finland , Australia , Singapore Y Holland It went down with an investment of nearly 9 billion dollars. These figures represent annual growth in foreign investment. 275.65 percent . growth in 2021 Taiwan it was 6.57 percent and is predicted for this year 3.85 percent . It seems not just pelosi Who cares about what’s going on in this small country of 23 million people?

But xi must be active before two trackers: CCP and international, although the first of these audiences worries him the most. In recent years his management has been more aggressive towards what is called “” at the global level.wolf warrior politics ”. It consists of fostering harsher diplomacy, ultra-nationalism, and ordering each embassy to respond hostilely to criticism of the regime, one by one, as if foreign lands were one of the concentration camps it had built. Xinjiang for “retrain to minorities.

that demanding standard beijing It is now a boomerang. xi must overreact to its temporary presence pelosi and move to show tokens CCP international policy cannot be challenged. However, there is also aRed line ”-according to the conditions proposed by his regime- and launches a military operation for the occupation. Taiwan . Nor any of the islets surrounding it: such an action would have an immediate response. Taipei . Both scenarios can trigger costly events that cannot be calculated. beijing .

Such is the echo of Russian bombs Ukraine is heard in Close : United States of America Y Europe -main markets Chinese – would immediately sanction the regime for attacking an island that saw itself as “what it is”.a sign of democracy ”. Different Russia – where results are only starting to be felt now Economic alerts to the Asian country will have an immediate impact on its industries and public opinion. Logically, an unprecedented global recession would be created.

However, contrary to the scenario in which it is sunk Vladimir Putin – who controls almost the entire political and repressive apparatus? KremlinXi Jinping The 69-year-old, who dreams of staying in local history, has to make statements in the coming months to a very tough party congress that is showing signs of dissatisfaction with the boss. Mao Zedong anyone Deng Xiaoping as suggested by the former Taiwanese admiral Lee Hsi Min in an article published Economist. Chinese cannot allow its economy to continue to show signs of weakening. and a war can be devastating in itself, even if it is victorious in the end. beijing its gross production needs to stay up a few times at other times, which seems to be getting more and more away from recent policies. COVID-zero that the regime imposed and expelled – removed – capital.

xi So he chose something he’s been doing quietly for years with his army of illegal fishing boats: the blockade. Taiwan . HE “military fence ” – as adopted by a Chinese military and reproduced on the official news agency xinhua– It was supposed to end on Sunday, August 7th. It would act like a very sharp sword around his neck. Taipei if it was extended in time. And again, it could have very serious consequences on the world economy. Taiwan It has oil reserves for 146 days; coal for 39 days; but best of all they only have 11-day gas reserves. . Currently, no ships are entering or leaving the island due to the Chinese blockade. Not with those energy sources, not with food. Tic Tac.

This last reservation point is very important. The island needs gas in order to retain one of the sectors causing the most headaches during the emerging pandemic. wuhan : One of these microprocessors . he is at work TSMC largest company in the world chips From whom did he receive a visit? pelosi and it’s a real obsession beijing . The small country of 36,000 square kilometers supplies 40 percent of their total to the entire planet. If he stops producing them and freighters cannot leave the ports, a worldwide recession is guaranteed. Again, Chinese I would feel it before anyone else .

Meanwhile, the government Taipei looks calm. its head, Tsai Ing-wen He asked beijing It was not to act rationally and to be discouraged. On the contrary. “Taiwan We will not escalate the conflict, but we will resolutely defend our sovereignty, democracy and security. ”. There were several government agencies that were alert to the Chinese threat. This warning to the neighboring regime responds to versions of the contingency. xi He decided on an amphibious operation against an islet near the main island. “We would reply to those 800 people. ”, they warn from the Taiwanese capital.

This small military operation will lack strategic meaning and will lead to a series of unpredictable operations. this Chinese military blockade alarm Japan He raised his voice because one of the scary missile tests occupied his place. exclusive economic zone . Tokyo has already warned that it will come to its aid Taiwan in the event of an attack on its sovereignty . will be added to the Asian power United States of America , Philippines , South Korea , India Y Australia .

Too many strong fronts to face at once. Perhaps that explains the man’s sullen face and discomfort. Xi Jinping .

Source: Info Bae

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