Tensions between Israel and Gaza: ‘Length of this conflict depends on Hamas,’ says former Israeli ambassador to France

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Israel says pre-emptive Islamic Jihad to ‘break’ country’s steadfastness to threat of attack Daniel Shek hopes Hamas, which governs Gaza, will remain neutral to avoid a May 2021-like “fall of the situation”.

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The Israeli army and Islamic Jihad have been on deadly strike since Friday, the biggest rise in tensions since the blitzkrieg in May 2021. In Gaza, 11 of his dead, including one of his Islamic Jihad leaders, killed five. old child. “The length of this confrontation will depend on whether Hamas decides whether or not to participate in this confrontation.”Daniel Shek, who was Israeli Ambassador to France from 2006 to 2010, presumed on Saturday, August 6 by franceinfo.

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franceinfo: Is Israel preparing for another war?

Daniel Shek: I am not a member of the government, nor do I represent it. I don’t know what his intentions are, but I don’t think so. On the contrary, I think Israel’s concern is to minimize this outburst of violence with Islamic Jihad as much as possible. In my opinion, if Egypt’s intervention can bring calm to Gaza, the Israeli side would welcome the announcement that the incident is over.

Israel said it feared a response after the August 1 arrest of Islamic jihadists. Finally, it was his army that attacked on Friday. why ?

For several days, the entire southern part of Israel was bogged down by highly accurate information about Islamic Jihad’s intentions to launch cross-border attacks against Israeli targets bordering the Gaza Strip. At some point we have to break this immobility of the country. Israel has decided to strike precisely at the leader of the Islamic Jihad movement in Gaza. An organization that has launched thousands of rockets against Israeli targets for decades.besides long arms [bras armé] Iran in the Gaza Strip. It is a smaller organization than Hamas, which governs Gaza. Today we see Islamic Jihad acting alone as it is not entirely under the control of this government. The length of this confrontation will depend on whether Hamas decides to join it. So far, Hamas has not moved, so there is hope that the end is near.

Indeed, Hamas has so far taken no action. In your opinion, is this what Israel expects?

Because, of course, the Palestinians in Gaza benefited a lot last year under Israel’s unified government. On the private side, there are more work permits in Israel, there is international aid, and Hamas is interested in seeing this situation continue. It becomes difficult to hold back. That’s why I say I hope we’re nearing the end. I don’t think the situation will take a turn for the worse. .

Source: Francetvinfo

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