Kherson, the Russian governor of the occupied Ukrainian territory, was to be poisoned

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Vladimir Saldo in a coma was transferred to Moscow and admitted to the toxicological field of the Sklifasovsky Institute.

Vladimir Balance
Vladimir Balance

The main Russian collaborator of the occupied Ukrainian territory herson transferred Moscow He is in a coma and is suspected of being poisoned.

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Vladimir Balance de facto governor of the Russian-occupied Kherson region, in a medical coma transferred to the toxicology department of the Moscow Sklifasovsky Institute, As reported by Russian Telegram channels Presence Y Puree.

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As detailed, He is in critical condition in intensive care.

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Transported by a private plane from Crimea on 6 August, Saldo was hospitalized for a day, but his condition was not reported.

The toxicological intensive care unit of the institute is reserved for patients who have been poisoned with various chemicals, in cases where urgent detoxification of the organism is required. Baza wrote that it is the only chemical-toxicology laboratory in Moscow with high-precision equipment that allows the determination of toxic substances.

Also, add the Russian environment, Suspicions of poisoning began at the hospital in Simferopol, in the occupied Crimea, Transferred from Kherson on 5 August.

No further information was given in the area and even experienced “psychological and physical stress,” according to the official version.

on the same line Presence, Pureeanother Russian Telegram channel wrote: Saldo’s presumed diagnosis was “poisoning with an unknown substance; other options include encephalopathy of unknown origin.”

And he detailed that the collaborator of the Russian invasion was connected to a lung respirator.

It was also learned that this Saturday, Vitaly Gura, the pro-Russian deputy head of the civil and military administration of Nova Kajovka district in the southern region of Kherson, died today as a result of an attack by unidentified people.

“Vitaly Gura, the deputy head of the Nova Kakhovka Administration, died as a result of his injuries,” Yekaterina Gúbareva, representative of the pro-Russian authorities in this region, told Telegram.

Earlier, the Administration reported that Gura was the victim of an attack in her own home and was taken to the emergency room with “multiple gunshot wounds”.

The case of Putin’s former adviser

Anatoly Chubais (AP)
Anatoly Chubais (AP)

Anatoly Chubais former advisor Vladimir Putin hospitalized in Italy could also be the victim of a suspected poisoning A few months after leaving Russia.

Days ago, Chubais was chased after. feeling stiff arms and legs and he was a former journalist and presidential candidate, Ksenia Sobchack who reported the incident.

The former official is 67 years old and Interned at Mater Olbia Hospital in Sardinia Where he is on vacation, according to Italian media

to the man Guillain-Barré syndrome initially diagnosed -a rare disease that attacks the nerves- however, doctors do not exclude the possibility of poisoning Because of the recent drunkenness suffered by some enemies of the Russian president.

The case that resonated the most was that of the opposition leader. Alexey Navalny, poisoned with Neurotoxic agent that causes symptoms similar to what Chubais is currently experiencing.

Sobchack wrote: The room Chubais was in when he felt sick was inspected by experts wearing chemical protective suits. The police also questioned all the witnesses.”

His wife, Avdotya Smirnova be sure her husband’s medical condition was “unstable” . And added: “It got worse, suddenly his arms and legs went numb.”

Chubais left the country in March after showing Disputes over Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine and other representatives of the culture and business world who opposed this military campaign of the Kremlin.

Has held positions of responsibility over the past 30 years and most recently he was Putin’s ambassador to international organizations on sustainable development. . He is best known for holding high-profile posts in Russia, overseeing privatization efforts since the early 1990s. Boris Yeltsin.

Shortly before Chubais’ resignation, Putin said Russia must “purify” itself, “by distinguishing true patriots from scumbags and traitors.” That they form a “fifth column” of elites “who by nature are mentally there and not here with our people, with Russia”.

Source: Info Bae

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