War in Ukraine: Russian journalist Marina Ovsyanikova announces she is the subject of a ‘false’ criminal investigation aimed at discrediting the military

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His house was raided this morning, his lawyer confirmed to franceinfo.

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Russian journalist Marina Ovsyannikova was arrested at her home in Moscow, Russia, on Tuesday, August 10. Famous for sabotaging a Russian state-run newspaper with posters against the attack in Ukraine, she has already received two administrative fines for her stance against the war in Ukraine in the past. This time the case is more serious as it is a criminal investigation into the “dissemination of false information about the Russian military” opened against him.

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“At 6am, while I was still asleep, 10 investigators and the police broke into my house.” , Posted by Marina Ovsiannikova on TelegramInvestigators have accused her of demonstrating in front of the Kremlin on July 15.“Assassin” We talked about children who died in Ukraine. “Over 350 dead children in Ukraine, are they fake?”she kept this Tuesday morning. “How many more children must die for you to stop?”

Marina Ovsyannikova’s attorney confirmed this information to franceinfo on her way to find her client before the Commission of Inquiry. He blames the absence of a lawyer during the search, resulting in the confiscation of the phone and computer.

Source: Francetvinfo

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