In Florida, police shot an armed federal agent with a rifle who was intoxicated.

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Lane Morgan Caviness, 48, was on the balcony of a house, police officers asked him to put down his gun, and the man came out with a firearm and pointed to the agents after shouting that he was drunk and ready to confront the police.

Judge Elizabeth Scherer, August 4, 2022
Judge Elizabeth Scherer walks through Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School as a jury sees the “1200 building”, the scene of the 2018 shootings, on August 4, 2022, in Parkland, Florida, USA. Sentinel/Pool via Amy Beth Bennett/South Florida Sun REUTERS

In Monroe County, Florida, a police force shot a retired federal agent armed with a rifle and drunk.

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The incident was recorded when local police received several calls from neighbors about a drunk, gunman, and suicidal man in a Monroe County home. . The subject was identified hours later as an off-duty federal agent.

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it was known that Lane Morgan Caviness, 48, was found armed on the balcony of a house. Monroe Police asked him to put down the gun and after the man shouted that he was drunk and ready to confront the police, he entered the house and exited with a rifle.

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After pointing the gun at the officers, they fired back. They tried to give first aid, but Morgan Caviness was already without vital signs. the newspaper reported Washingtonpost.

Monroe Police said in a statement that “although this appears to be a police suicide case”, state law enforcement officials will conduct an independent investigation into the shooting.

This isn’t the first time Monroe police officers have been involved in extraordinary events. . In March this year, three female employees of the department, their partners or former associates, faced various assault charges after being accused of being assaulted during heated arguments that resulted in physical assaults.

In one case, a person was injured when one of the detained police officers tried to pull a chain around his neck. ; In another case, a woman stated that she was injured by being pushed down three steps, and in the third case, a man stated that the woman bit him in the middle of a brawl with his ex-wife.

The most recently arrested woman is an agent working as a police officer at a school. Another works as a clerk in offices, and the third is a prison guard. Although one of the cases has already been dismissed, the three women are being investigated separately by the Home Office.

“We do not comment on the cases the Home Office is investigating until they are resolved for legal reasons,” said Monroe police spokesman Adam Lindhardt.

(with information from the European Press)

Source: Info Bae

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