Fires, droughts: France triumphs on rising sentiment that it is headed for disaster

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Faced with successive heatwaves, the French are becoming fully aware of the dangers of the climate.

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At the end of two Covid years that have seriously tested the morale of the organization and the French, the awakening is brutal. I thought I could take a little break this summer, but I’ve finally moved on to other things.

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The war that Putin started in Ukraine has created fear and destruction. From soaring fuel prices to the disappearance of jars of mustard from supermarket shelves, conflicts directly affect our daily lives. War is no longer an abstraction, far removed from us in space and time, but a reality that knocks on our door.

Then there was the record heat wave that hit the country. Suddenly the forests started burning in the Gironde and elsewhere. Drought has dried up our rivers. And heat wave episodes do not bounce back and install the idea in everyone’s mind as a plain fact imposed upon us: climate change is now.

collective consciousness

Véronique Reille-Soult, president of Backbone Consulting, explains that extreme heat and fire dominate the French conversation. Citizens are fascinated by the growing feeling that they are heading for catastrophe. The younger you are, the more anxious you are about the climate crisis and public inaction.

As Bruno Cortress pointed out, we are facing an unprecedented phenomenon of the ‘endless crisis’. political commentary, this feeling of constantly moving from one emergency to another. Cevipof’s political scientist and researcher explains that every time politicians expected to take the necessary steps. But when crises follow, chaos and fear strike. Our decision makers struggle to prioritize responses and measures to implement as they all burn at the same time…

So the perception of climate hazards that suddenly appeared this summer is very real. But we always face the same paradox. Society remains a short-term prisoner. Earning a living, filling up the car, making ends meet…until the end of the month vs. the end of the world formulas form in our minds, we are stuck and hit a wall. future.

Source: Francetvinfo

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