Facebook offers police a personal replacement for American teenager accused of illegal abortion, netizens call on social network to leave

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Internet users are protesting a platform that provided police with a personal message from a girl from Nebraska under the slogan #DeleteFacebook. The girl is under investigation for resorting to her medical abortion after the legal deadline.

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The #DeleteFacebook (“delete Facebook”) movement is back in the US. This social her network has been accused of sending police the private conversations of two of her users who are under investigation for alleged illegal abortions. Strong reaction on SNSThe incident was revealed on Monday 8th August forbes (In English) and other American media.

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17-year-old American Celeste Burgess and her mother Jessica are facing lawsuits after a teenage girl had an abortion in Nebraska, where abortion is banned from 20 weeks after conception. According to American justice, the teenager took her abortion pills over the legal limit and buried her unborn child with her mother’s help.

A young woman was charged with “concealing or abandoning a human body,” “concealing the death of another,” and “false reporting,” while the mother was charged with “performing an abortion after 20 weeks’ gestation,” “performing an abortion.” be prosecuted. Abortion by an unlicensed doctor”, “Concealment of the human body”.

Documents released by the media

The charges against the two women are based, among other things, on private messages exchanged on Facebook that the social network has agreed to send to authorities. Police used data sent by Facebook to search the phones and computers of the two Americans. Documents Revealed by Vice (In English)The social network says internet users have deleted Facebook and urges others to delete their accounts to protect their personal data.

The first wave of #DeleteFacebook hashtags had already emerged after the Supreme Court ruled that states regulate and limit access to abortion. Women organized on social networks to send abortion pills by mail to states where abortion was prohibited or highly restricted. Facebook said at the time that it would bar users from posting messages to circumvent the law..

However, Meta’s subsidiary continued to question the possibility of users’ private conversations being sent to authorities during abortion investigations. There are pro-choice activists concerned that the practice is becoming widespread, with Celeste and her partnership with the police department launching an investigation against Jessica Burgess. on his part, Facebook defended saying it didn’t know investigation was about abortion.

The Supreme Court Roe v. Wade defended abortion rights in America, 10 states outright ban abortion and four others limit it to six weeks gestation.

Source: Francetvinfo

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