Sierra Leone goes to war against industrial projects that don’t respect the environment

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Sierra LeoneKnown for its mineral-rich subsoils, is preparing to pass the first-of-its-kind law. It consists of protecting both the environment and the interests of the local population.

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Sierra Leone is a land of predators. Underneath it lies gold, titanium and diamonds. Especially the notorious “blood diamonds” that sparked civil wars in West Africa. It is also a palm oil producing area. But this land is inhabited by very rural people who are uneducated among the poorest people on the planet. It’s a situation that inevitably attracts highwaymen who have always partnered with less conscientious multinational jewelry companies. It is easy for them to trick residents into obtaining exploration rights without their consent.

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The authorities want to put an end to all this with a law requiring anyone wishing to obtain the prior consent of the land-owning community. Previous agreements were greatly exceeded, to the detriment of the local population.

Sierra Leonean vetoes come with financial support. They will be supported by the state in all measures taken to end exploitation. Not only legal proceedings, but also managing all the counter-expertise you want to carry out to bring down the mining company. A device that has been praised by both human rights groups and environmental NGOs. They consider these texts to be the world’s most protective in this area.

protect the earth

The equipment is also beneficial to the environment, as the search for minerals such as gold is a very polluting industry. Palm oil plantations involve clearing large areas of tropical forests. If residents were informed of all this before abandoning their land, they would double their veto power.

But already, large international companies are pessimistic and warn. They will give up domestic establishments. They will invest less in extraction. Diamonds may be forever in Sierra Leone, but the age of predators seems to be coming to an end.

Source: Francetvinfo

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