Report.Ukrainian War: Dive into the heart of a restaurant that has become a “landmark” of Ukrainian nationalists

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Among the arguments Vladimir Putin advocated for invading Ukraine is the desire to “blame” Ukraine in connection with some of Ukraine’s history during World War II. In Lviv, western Ukraine, they went to a very special restaurant. It is a nationalist landmark.

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To access this restaurant in the western Ukrainian city of Lviv, a uniformed man must knock on a thick wooden door that opens with a rifle on his shoulder. “”Glory to Ukraine“Is the password. The stairs lead to the restaurant. The adjacent rooms lead to each other in a maze of thick corridors. This is a former bunker.

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The walls are hung with uniforms and machine guns, as well as pictures of Ukrainian resistance heroes. This is all reminiscent of the Ukrainian nationalist struggle from the early 20th century.There are also more unusual objects like this Sandbag To resemble Vladimir Putin “Yes, that was my idea because I saw people who needed to express their anger at him“Victor, who has worked here since the company was founded, smiles.

Nationalism is not Nazism

Here, the waitress wears a khaki outfit and a waiter’s military jacket. Victor shows us the old phone in the corner. When you pick up her handset, you can hear a distant voice. Stepan Bandera,During his last recorded speech. “”Stepan Bandera was a Ukrainian nationalist thinker and leader. It was he who created the concept.In short, the Ukrainian rebels were founded under his leadership.“, Victor says.

Bandera, who died in 1959, was also accused of working with the Third Reich, which the Kremlin Master is using today to justify Ukraine’s “denazification.” Victor’s false excuse that nationalism has nothing to do with Nazism.

“To say that you are a Nazi means that your country is superior to other countries. To say that you are a nationalist is to love your country.”


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The back of the restaurant. Another attraction is the shooting range. The target here is none other than Vladimir Putin’s face.

Source: Francetvinfo

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