Joe Biden appoints Heide Fulton as Ambassador to Uruguay

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White House proposes former military officer and current assistant secretary of the Bureau of International Narcotics Affairs

Heide Fulton
Heide Fulton

president of the united states, Joe Biden nominated Heide Fulton, a former military officer and current deputy secretary of the International Office of Narcotics and Law Enforcement (INL), as the country’s new ambassador to Uruguay last Friday.

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Fulton, whose appointment must be confirmed by the U.S. Senate, He is a career member of the State Department, with extensive experience in Embassies and the US Army.

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Despite Uruguay will be his first target as ambassador He is a career civil servant. important trajectory in the US Foreign Service. He worked mainly on issues related to the fight against drug trafficking and public diplomacy. According to the profile posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs page.

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Right now In the United States, he is responsible for the “fight against illegal drugs and organized crime” programs of the State Department.

In this role, he is responsible for the State Department’s anti-illicit drugs and organized crime programs, as well as law enforcement and rule of law in the Western Hemisphere, and the State Department’s global aviation program, INL.

The Spanish-speaking diplomat previously headed the State Department’s Bureau of Mexican Affairs.

Fulton has also served as vice president of mission and charge d’affaires at the US embassy in Honduras, in addition to working at US embassies in Afghanistan, Ecuador, Cambodia and the Philippines.

Prior to joining the foreign service, he served in the US Army, where he served as a quartermaster in Europe and later as a civil affairs officer in Iraq.

He also has experience in the Press Office of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and He worked for Senator Bob Menendez, Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee.

He retired from the United States Army Reserve in 2020 after 28 years of service.

Born in Fulton, New York, he holds a BA from Boston College and a MA in International Relations from Troy State University.

Since Kenneth George left in January 2021, the embassy in Montevideo has been in charge of a business manager. Uruguay integrated A list of 34 destinations of the 190 American positions in the world, in addition to a vacancy in the ambassador position, with not even one appointed for this mission. In Latin America, only Bolivia, Cuba, Haiti and the Bahamas were in this situation. In recent meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Uruguayan diplomacy had signaled Washington’s intention to appoint an ambassador. and, Now, Biden has officially nominated Fulton.

US Embassy in Uruguay
US Embassy in Uruguay

Biden also nominated diplomat David Pressman as ambassador to Hungary on Friday and local Georgia congressman Calvin Smyre as ambassador to the Bahamas on Friday.

He also appointed his adviser, Yohannes Abraham, as the US ambassador to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), an alliance that met in Washington this Friday.

With information from EFE

Source: Info Bae

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