Violence in Chile: President Gabriel Boric’s escort shot after attack on Defense Minister’s home

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Two incidents of insecurity around the President in the last hours triggered alarms. Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, said the country was experiencing “the worst moment in terms of security since the return to democracy”.

Chilean President Gabriel Boric
Chilean President Gabriel Boric

Chilean Defense Minister Maya Fernández’s home was attacked, One of President Gabriel Boric’s attendants was shot in the arm after the official car was stolen. Officials confirmed this Saturday.

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Chile experiences ‘worst moment in security since return to democracy’ weeks ago, he recognized Undersecretary for Crime Prevention, Eduardo Vergara, for the increase in both the number and severity of crimes.

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Fernández, grandson of former socialist president Salvador Allende, overthrown by the Augusto Pinochet dictatorship (1973-1990), was not at home She was in the Ñuñoa neighborhood at the time of the attack on Friday night, but criminals beat her son and threatened her husband.

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“There was a robbery at the Secretary of Defense’s building, here Her husband and one of their children were there. The product of this crime is species stolen by unidentified persons, as well as a vehicle. Police General Jean Camus told the press.

chile medium biobio noted a group of strangers had the intention of stealing different objects from inside the house, that the incident occurred around 20:00 in the evening and at least three offenders who was white and was carrying firearms.

maya fernandez
maya fernandez

According to the sources cited by the aforementioned media, They beat the minister’s son, handcuffed her husband mainly steal technological objects and a car.

same night One of the bodyguards working on President Boric’s security team was robbed and shot in the arm When a group of people approach him while he is in one of the presidential official vehicles.

Bodyguard, a Carabineros police sergeant, He was alone in the car in the San Miguel district south of Santiago and was returning to the La Moneda presidential palace to drop off.

Criminals approached him and They took him to a town north of the city. They attacked him and shot him then to leave him on the street and flee by car.

According to this Being an official, Vergara works in the “extended team” of the presidential guard group, but was not a direct bodyguard for the president.

Affected person left cuts to the cheekbone and scalp, as well as ballistic impact injuries local media reported.

The home of Minister Maya Fernández was attacked last night.
Minister Maya Fernández’s home was attacked last night

police he was helped by a passerby near the scene and helped him to a police station, From there he was transferred to the hospital.

“We must double our commitment to Turkey” Increasing levels of security and efficiency to deal with crime in Chile” said Under-Secretary Vergara this Saturday.

“We have committed concrete actions to pursue organized crime “He is believed to be behind the increase in crime,” said Manuel Monsalve, Deputy Minister of Interior and Security, referring to the cooperation between the militarized Carabineros police and the civilian Investigative police.

With information from AFP, EFE

Source: Info Bae

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