The Chinese regime is preparing a new censorship law: it will check all comments on social networks before they are published

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Xi Jinping deepens violations of freedom of expression. It was added to the rule that the chief editors of all the country’s media and newsrooms should be approved by the communist authorities.

Xi Jinping (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)
Xi Jinping (REUTERS/Carlos Garcia Rawlins)

China’s internet watchdog established A draft law regulating social media services and video platforms for the review of user-written comments before they are posted reported the Hong Kong newspaper South China Morning Post today.

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New regulations, platform administrators a group of content moderators that “fits the scale of your service” and improving the professional quality of staff responsible for reviewing content, according to a document released Friday by the China Cyberspace Administration (CAC).

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The suggested rules also state: Penalties for violations: Operators that don’t comply face warnings, fines, and suspension of comment features or even the entire service.

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This regulation will tighten existing rules introduced by the Government in 2017, forcing companies to scrutinize user comments in the news section, and tighten control over the media. editors-in-chief and newsrooms approved by communist authorities on all information sites in the country.

According to current rules, The draft requires social media users to register with their real identities before commenting.

It also says Users who violate the rules can be warned, banned from commenting, have their comments removed, and their accounts can be suspended or disabled, The Asian giant is eager for authorities to control the information reaching its citizens.


Many netizens in China reacted negatively to the new draft, especially on Weibo – Chinese Twitter – where one user argued that “real name registration is sufficient and not too many restrictions are necessary”. [la libertad de] expression”.

China is the country with the most Internet users in the world (about 700 million), but at the same time Google, Facebook, Twitter or YouTube have been blocked in the country for years .

The draft adds to the order last May: forced users to show their location which changed the discussions and caused many people to stop participating in the forums.

The measure began with the claim of disrupting the alleged disinformation campaigns from abroad, especially after the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, but in practice A new tool of harassment against users who criticize the regime . this location tags accompany each post It will be done in the big forums.

Among its first effects, The measure virtually eliminates views from abroad: they are all branded as spies or propaganda agents. This includes Chinese citizens living in other countries. Students who take courses abroad are almost banned from public discussion, as their opinions are immediately discarded if they write from abroad.

But it even influences the discussion among the residents . as described by New York Times, Users in Shanghai, which has recently been subject to a strict curfew due to a COVID pandemic, are called selfish when they complain of food shortages. In contrast, users from Taiwan and coastal provinces near Hong Kong who criticized the government were termed separatists and swindlers.

And disqualifying views is not enough. this trolls and influencers nationalists Harassing these users or reporting their account simply for speaking against the government from an offensive place. Some profiles are removed due to the number of complaints they receive for “violating community standards”.

Source: Info Bae

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