Heatwaves: Spain, Italy, Germany … France is not the only European country to suffocate under heatwaves

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Some of our neighbors are also affected by the “heat feathers” that have been raging for two days. Sometimes it has dramatic consequences for the environment.

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Heat waves have no boundaries. At 42 ° C in Zaragoza (Spain) and 34 ° C in Berlin (Germany) recorded on Saturday, June 18, early heat arcs can be felt in most of Western Europe. Some areas are vigilant about the risk of drought and fire. In Spain, for example, thousands of hectares are already covered in smoke. Franceinfo reviews the countries most affected by this sustained rise in mercury.

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Spain is on fire

Some fires broke out It is located in the Sierra de la Crebra, a mountain range in the Castile and Leon region near the Portuguese border. Residents of 14 villages have been evacuated and more than 20,000 hectares have been ashed. “Fires in this area are now completely out of control and the situation is horrifying.”Said the mayor of a village threatened In the newspaper El País (In Spanish).. Firefighters also continued to fight other fires not only in Cordiel in the Valencia region in the southeastern part of the country, but also in Artesadesegre in Catalonia in the northeastern part. 1,600 hectares of land.

Germany is also burning

This extraordinary heat wave has led German authorities to more closely monitor the forest areas in the eastern part of the country. In Brandenburg around Berlin, the fire began on Friday and spread to about 60 hectares in the evening. Another flame broke out in the Trektal Valley in southwestern Berlin, but the flames are controlled, although they can reignite due to drought and high soil temperatures. About 6.5 hectares of forest are burning here.

Italy is in desperate need of water

Record droughts kneel Lombardy.This region of northern Italy may claim a state of emergency, but many municipalities I have already ordered a water rationReport the newspaper Il Fatto Quotidiano.. In some places, pool watering, garden watering and car washing are prohibited until August 31st. Among other things, crops are under threat, but the Po River has reached its lowest level in 70 years.

In the face of this disaster, the Mayor of Milan proposed to lower the water in the city’s canals to irrigate the surrounding farms. “”If you want to preserve your crops, you have an obligation to intervene to water the fields. “Beppesara explained, Quoted by La República.. The magnificent Italian lake, located in the northern part of the country, shows a worrying filling rate of about 20% and is reported daily nationwide.

Source: Francetvinfo

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