Uruguay confirmed it was acting within the law when vetoing the Venezuela-Iran plane.

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Following the complaints of the Chavista dictator, Luis Lacalle Pou’s government defended the decision not to allow the ship commanded by Iranian pilots, reminding that the claim came from a regime “far from democracy”.

Iran-Venezuela flight held in Buenos Aires
Iran-Venezuela flight held in Buenos Aires
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The Uruguayan Government assured this Saturday that the country was acting “within the law” and assured that there was no risk by vetoing the landing of the Venezuelan-Iranian cargo plane that finally landed in Argentina on 8 June.

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This was expressed by Álvaro Delgado, secretary of the Uruguayan Presidency, when the press was asked for their opinion on the statement condemning the Nicolás Maduro regime. “After making sure the plane had enough fuel, we made an independent decision to ensure there were no other risks,” he said.

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Thus, Delgado refuted the Venezuelan regime’s claims that the Uruguayan decision had put the lives of the crew on the plane, on which five Iranian citizens and 14 Venezuelans were traveling, “at serious risk”.

“Uruguay acts within the law, those who signed that document are in government under other circumstances. “Venezuela is far from being a democracy for us,” said the senior official in the government of Luis Lacalle Pou.

Delgado also noted that Uruguay is a country recognized as “one of the highest quality countries in Latin America for the quality of democracy, freedom of the press and legality”. “No other foreigner with less legality can impose any responsibility on us,” he said.

The plane entered Argentina from Mexico on 6 June for Ezeiza international airport after a stopover in Venezuela, and took off for Uruguay for refueling two days later, but landed again at the Argentine airport as that nation did not allow it. . its descent.

from this week Argentine Justice is conducting an investigation to illuminate the crew’s possible links to international terrorism. aspect one of its members, Iranian Gholamreza Gashemi – As condemned by Paraguay – He will be a member of the Quds Force, a division of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards, designated as a terrorist organization by the United States.

Gholamreza Ghasemi
Gholamreza Ghasemi

The cargo Boeing 747 Dreamliner aircraft – both owned by Iranian Mahan Air company and currently owned by Emtrasur, a subsidiary of the Venezuelan Aviation Industries and Air Services Consortium (Conviasa) – both have been approved by the US Treasury Department. – is still being held at Ezeiza airport this Saturday while the investigation continues.

Uruguay’s Interior Minister, Luis Alberto Heber, reassured that the country had received a motivational warning from the Paraguayan Government, after Venezuela announced that it “categorically rejects the irresponsible treatment offered by the Uruguayan aviation authority”. their movements.

This Monday, Uruguayan Minister of National Defense Javier García will appear before the Senate National Defense Committee to report the situation to legislators, following a request from the opposition Broad Front bench (left).

News about the plane seized in Argentina, the US embassy in Buenos Aires issued the following statement: “We follow the investigations regarding the crew and aircraft with interest. and we appreciate the efforts of the authorities. “, pointed Mark Stanley Highest US diplomatic representative in the country.

The Israeli embassy in Argentina also made a statement referring to the incident, but it did so in a much more drastic way:The State of Israel is particularly concerned For the activities of Iranian airlines Mahan Air and Qeshm Fars Air in Latin America, companies devoted to arms trafficking, and the transfer of people and equipment operating for Iran. Quds Force approved by the United States for engaged in terrorist activities ”.

“Recent events bear witness to the attempts of the Islamic Republic of Iran, through the Revolutionary Guards and Quds Force, to continue to consolidate the influence of the Islamic Republic of Iran around the world, including in Iran. South America , as a base for terrorist acts across the continent . This adds to other operations recorded in recent months, such as the assassination attempt on Israeli citizens in the city of Bogota by criminals working for the Quds Force in Colombia.”

The Embassy is currently in charge galit ronen He reminded that he was a victim of Argentina two terrorist attacks Processed by Iran (by itself Israeli Embassy in 1992 and AMIA’s headquarters in 1994) and raised the importance of maintaining a solid message so that Tehran does not try to take action again on Argentine soil or any other country in the region.

on the planee Emtrasur toured 5 Iranians and 14 Venezuelans . All of them have been charged in court, but have yet to testify in court. “One of the hypotheses is that they came to perform intelligence duties, not only that, but so far there is no element to speak of a terrorist operation,” the researchers say.

With information from EFE

Source: Info Bae

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